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Multicultural Liaison Workers

The Multicultural Home School Workers are a resource for students, parents and staff.  They are fluent in English and at least one other language.  They are available to assist with communication needs, cross cultural and adjustment issues, and school concerns.


Vancouver Board of Education translators and interpreters are available for most of the languages spoken in Gladstone homes.  Parents or guardians requiring translations of any school information should notify the school office or the school counsellor.

 If upon contact with home, language translation is needed, feel free to connect with out MCLW’s:

MCLW Coordinator:  Chansokhy Anhaouy,

Chinese: Audrie Leung, 

South Asian: Mike Garcha,

Korean: Sharmain Kim-Oh,

Filipino: Lucia Sabado,

Spanish: Claudia Sandovavl,

Vietnamese: Chung Tran,

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