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School Counsellors are teachers who also have a Master’s level degree in Counselling Psychology. As educational and mental health professionals, school counsellors support students with their educational, social, physical, and mental health challenges. They also provide guidance in course selection, planning and applying for post-secondary education. Counsellors help students who have on-going mental health needs access free counselling services provided by Vancouver Coastal Health. Students can be connected to VCH services such as: 

  • Vancouver Youth Clinics;
  • Child and Youth Mental Health;
  • Youth Concurrent Disorder Counsellors; and,
  • Child and Adolescent Response Team (CART)

Generally, counsellors work with the same grade until graduation.

Our counselling team:

Ms. Caitlin Davie                                                                    

Ms. Brigitte Patenaude                             

Mr. Tommy Paley (Department Head)     

Ms. Sandra Birkenhead                                 

Attached is a list of resources and where to get additional help;

Youth Resource Directory.pdf

Graduation Requirements

Students will need to meet the requirements of the 2018 Graduation Program. Eighty credits in Grades 10-12 are required for graduation - with a minimum of 16 credits at the Grade 12 level, 28 elective credits, and 52 credits required from the following courses:

52 credits are Required Courses including:


Language Arts 10

4 credits

Language Arts 11

4 credits

Language Arts 12

4 credits

Social Studies 10

4 credits

Social Studies 11 or 12

4 credits

Science 10

4 credits

a Science 11 or 12

4 credits

a Mathematics 10

4 credits

a Mathematics 11

4 credits

Physical and Health Education 10

4 credits

a Fine Arts Education or Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 10, 11 or 12

4 credits

2 Career Education Courses

8 credits

Elective courses

28 credits

A minimum of 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level including Language Arts 12.

All ministry-authorized and board/authority-approved courses count.


Please see the following links to the BC Ministry of Education for further information:

Important Reminder:

Post-secondary institutions often require you to complete specific courses to get into programs. Careful planning in Grades 10, 11 and 12 will ensure you have all the courses and credits you need. In addition, some post-secondary institutions such as UBC, consider the amount of courses an applicant has taken, as well as their participation in extra-curricular activities or volunteer work.  

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