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School History

The property on which Gladstone School is constructed was once an old farm. The location was designated for a school in the late 1920's, but because of the depression and the war, construction did not begin until 1949.
Gladstone opened as a junior high school in 1950 with an enrolment of 1376 pupils.  Mr. D.B. MacKenzie, who was the first principal, opened the sliding gym door to symbolize the opening of the school at a ceremony attended by all staff members and students.  
The school's motto and crest were chosen as a result of contests.  The motto, "Fide et Virtute", which translates to "By Faith and By Courage", has become an inspiration to Gladstone.  It is the family motto of William Ewart Gladstone, after whom the school was named.
The crest is usually shown in the school colours of scarlet and white.  It consists of a scarlet lion on a white shield and was designed by Nancy Patterson, who was a member of the first graduating class.
From the opening year in 1950, Gladstone added a grade each year until the first class graduated in 1954.  Since then, many thousands of students have graduated from Gladstone, taking their memories with them.
School Song
Hail all hail to Gladstone High
Our hearts are proud and true;
Hail the school that we all love,
Gladstone, we’ll strive to you:
Rah! Rah!
Through cold and sunshine, storm and smile
Out motto still shines bright;
Down through life’s way you’ll hear us say:
Victory for the Red and White!
Rah! Rah!


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