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Learning Support Class

The Learning Support Class provides a supportive setting for grade 8 and 9 students who have learning disabilities. A maximum of 15 students are enrolled in this class. Students are placed in the program through a referral to Central Screening at the District level.

Emphasis is on improving core academics as well as student understanding of their needs whether they be auditory processing, visual processing, language processing, written output or math difficulties. Study skills, test taking strategies, notetaking, and organizational skills are taught. Students are on a modified program which relates to the goals of their IEP’s. Individuals are integrated into Applied Skills, Fine Arts, and P.E. classes.

Students exit either when they are ready for a senior special education program such as the STEP program at the grade 10 level, or when they are ready to return to a regular program at the grade 9 or 10 level.


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