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Modern Languages


Monolingualism can be cured.
Learn another language!!!

In a world as rich and culturally diverse as ours it is no longer enough to know only one language.  Just imagine the possibilities, the doors that will open to you, the experiences you will encounter, the connections that you will create and make, the learning that will happen beyond the classroom.  By engaging in opportunities that will allow you to encounter a world other than your own through the study of a second language, you will acquire communication skills, develop positive attitudes and build an awareness and appreciation of toward cultural diversity.

The Modern Languages Department of Britannia Secondary offers French and Mandarin classes to students with little or no previous knowledge or ability in that language.  Read about the specific courses in the Britannia Course Calendar.

We believe in providing the students in our language classes with meaningful language concepts in real-life contexts, along with opportunities that develop in our students a familiarity with the cultures where French and Mandarin are spoken.

The journey is sure to be an exciting one.

Get on board!

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