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Department Head - Ms. Deborah Mackie (FMP 10, Venture 10, FOM 11, PC 11, IB 12 SL/HL/Studies)

Teacher – Mr. Linh Le (Venture 8, Venture 9, AW 11, IB 11 SL/HL, PC 12)

Teacher – Ms. Stella Horng (Math 8, Math 9, AW 10)

Teacher – Mr. Nick Adamson (Math 8, Venture 8)

The great misconception about mathematics—and it stifles and thwarts more students than any other subject—is the notion that mathematics is about formulas and cranking out computations. Mathematics is not about answers, it’s about processes. No boss will demand “Quick, what’s the quadratic formula?” or “Hurry, I need the derivative of .” 

Rather, mathematics is among the most fascinating of all intellectual disciplines, the purest of all art forms, and the most challenging of games.

Did you know that:
• Mathematics is often done in conjunction with such fields as biology, physics, and economics?
• Mathematical modeling is used to solve real problems
• Statistics is a growing field, particularly in those fields dealing with human behavior?
• Many topics in “pure math” have important applications in computer science
• The RSA cryptosystem is widely used on secure internet web pages to encode sensitive information, like credit card numbers. It is based on ideas in algebraic number theory, and its invulnerability to hackers is the result of very advanced ideas in that field?

Here at Britannia, we believe that mathematical teaching is not a matter of pouring knowledge from one mind into another as one pours water from one glass into another, but more like one candle igniting another. The hope is to inspire a love of mathematics and be part of the ongoing search for understanding of the world around us.

                "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God used to write the universe."  

Math Links

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