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Britannia Support Society

The Britannia Support Society               

Most of us look back fondly about the time that we spent learning and growing at Britannia and the community. As a result, many of us want to find a way to give and give back to the school.

In 1993, the Britannia Support Society was formed to address the expanding need for resources and opportunities for students at the school. Over the years, the BSS has helped with numerous events and athletic and academic equipment that was needed by the school from leadership camps, to new uniforms to the Britannia Hockey Academy program.

The Society ensures that the donated funds are directed to the areas of great need at the school. It was recently reinvigorated with the support of interested alumni and school administrators to energize the Society and seeks to build and expand upon the current successes.

Please visit https://www.britsupportsociety... for more info and details on how to give back and/or become a member. It is easy to donate through the website. Everything is set up via Paypal or, if you wish, you can download a form and mail it in with your donation or membership.

If you have any questions or would like to contact someone, please email .

We would like to ask you to consider supporting this charitable organization. You can help make a positive difference for students at Britannia for many years.

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