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Hockey Academy

Britannia Hockey Academy

Britannia Secondary is the oldest and one of the most unique and respected schools in Vancouver. Situated in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver, Britannia is a part of a larger community site which includes an elementary school, public library, skating rink, fitness facility and swimming pool. Britannia is also host to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and home to many other successful programs in academics, fine arts, leadership and academic tutoring and support.

BRITANNIA HOCKEY ACADEMY Information Night - November 2, 2021

Please note that the Information Night has been cancelled. For more information please contact Mr. Smith the program coordinator at

Britannia Hockey Academy Mission:

To develop a broad based population who possess the skills and certifications to become active and high performing participants within community ice hockey and recreation.

Program Goals:

  • To enhance the ice hockey skills and fitness of all participants.
  • To develop students’ comprehensive knowledge of the sport of ice hockey; including tactics, strategies, officiating and coaching.
  • In addition to personal ice hockey skill development, students will complete the hockey leadership certifications such as NCCP
  • To balance ice hockey specific knowledge and training with a high school program of academics, arts and athletics
  • To transition students to hockey coaching and refereeing through practical school and community experiences. 


  • The Britannia Hockey Academy (BHA) mainly takes place during school hours (replacing the students Physical and Health Education class), although there are occasional field trips (Whistler, kayaking, rock-climbing) and some hockey games which run outside the traditional school hours.
  • BHA's main goal is individual skill acquirement and as such does not interfere with the athletes community teams or other commitments.
  • There is much emphasis on personal and social development. BHA students have been:
    • hired by Britannia community centre as skating instructors and lifeguards, 
    • hired by the Canucks working at Rogers Arena and 
    • involved helping coach minor hockey teams and sessions.
  • Despite being a small school, Britannia is able to offer many scholarships to it's graduating students.
  • All facilities are on site, including a storage room for gear, the ice rink, fitness centre and gymnasiums all within walking distance of the school.
  • Britannia Secondary works closely with the Britannia Community Centre offering youth leadership programs/camps and opportunities for student growth.
  • The academy is open to all ability levels; from beginning players to NCAA division 1 players, with a focus on individual skills.  Practice plans are adjusted based on the group each year.
  • The program runs as a normal block, many of our students also are enrolled in Venture and IB, the majority of our 2020 graduates went straight to universities across the country.
  • Britannia Hockey Academy is also flexible in payment options upon request.

More information on the Britannia Hockey Academy program is found on the Britannia Hockey Academy website and in the Britannia Hockey Academy Brochure.

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