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Curriculum Goals

Why Code?

The BC Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum contributes to students’ development as educated citizens through the achievement of the following goals. Students are expected to:

  • acquire practical skills and knowledge that they can use to bring their ideas from conception to fruition
  • develop a sense of efficacy and personal agency about their ability to participate as inventors, innovators, and agents of change to address practical challenges in a rapidly changing world
  • explore how the values and beliefs of cultures, including local First Peoples cultures, affect the development of products, services, and processes
  • understand the environmental implications of the products and services they are designing and applying
  • investigate and actively explore a variety of areas, including aspects of Business Education, Home Economics and Culinary Arts, Information and Communications Technology, and Technology Education, and new and emerging fields, in order to develop practical hands-on skills and make informed decisions about pursuing specialized interests for personal enjoyment or careers
  • develop a lifelong interest in designing, creating, making, and evaluating products, services, and processes, and contributing through informed citizenship, volunteer work, and career opportunities, to finding and addressing practical challenges
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