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Coding Apps and Games

Cubetto (Grade K-2) *Great for Learning Commons
a friendly wooden robot that teaches the basics of coding without a computer/screen “hands on” coding blocks. Includes fabric mats and story book. SKILLS: Algorithms, Queue, Debugging, Recursions ALSO: Communication, Physical Exercise, Social-Emotional, Mathematics, Mapping, and Logical Reasoning Teacher's Guide
a card game that develops logic, strategy and problem-solving skills SKILLS: Sequencing, Algorithims, Functions Logic ALSO: Creativity, Collaboration, Problem Solving
an iOS or browser based app where students program their own interactive stories and games. SKILLS: Sequencing ALSO: Literacy and Math Lesson Guide and Assessment

Dot Robots (Grade K-5)
a robot (coded with an iPad) that is configured in an App (using Blockly code) and responds to user voice input
Coding Awbie (Grade K-7)
an app enabling the iPad to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback
Osmo Coding Jam (Grade K-7)
an app combined with physical code blocks where students can compose their own music by arranging coding blocks into patterns and sequences.
Robot Turtles (Grade K-7)
Learn the fundamentals of programming while having fun. This game can accommodate all grades through variations on the same game. SKILLS: debugging, subroutine/function ABOUT - FRENCH INSTRUCTIONS -
Ozobot (Evo and Bit) (Grade K-9) INCLUDED IN YOUR CODING CART
You can code the ozobots in two ways! Screen free or with an app. The bot responds to colour so you can draw the code using coloured markers or use an iPad with an app called ozoblockly.
Dash (Grade 4-5)
robot coded with an iPad. Responds to voice, navigates physical objects, and can sing and dance. Uses Wonder, Blockly and other applications to code it.
Coding Farmers (Grade 4-7)        
This innovative and ground-breaking game exposes kids to a language used widely by both students and software engineers, the Java Programming language.  Children play the game with action cards, which describe an action

a board game that uses programming logic to navigate an Avatar through the game world. In each of the 60 levels, they must collect crystals and land at the portal. (Single Player Game). SKILLS: principals of programming, sequential reaoning, problem solving Advance level: conditional loops, branches How to play video

Scratch (Grade 4-9)
a website coding platform or computer application where students can create stories, games, and animations  FRENCH OPTION: click on the “globe” icon in the top navigation bar of the programming editor, then click on the dropdown menu to select French.
is a powerful and intuitive programming language that teach students the core concepts of coding and in an interactive environment using an iPad.
micro:bits (Grade 5-9)
- Continuation of skills and knowledge built through grade 6 & 7
- Expansion boards and exploration of further use possibilities
- 3d printing and making products for real life use (woodworking, metalworking, drafting & design, and electronics)
-Programming and line coding 
Cue (Grade 6-8)
a programmable robot with 3 proximity centres, real-time Bluetooth, IT Robot interaction, 3 processors and sensor fusion, dual motors and potentiometers, 3 microphones and speaker, programmable LED and buttons, 2 powered wheels and encoders
Lego Mindstorms (Grade 6-8)
a robotics building kit allows students to learn how to code using a physical problem-solving tool.  (Supported by Microsoft )

Sphero (Grade 6-9)
a robot ball that is programmed using SPRK Lightning Lab App (iPad); students can create, contribute and learn using block-based programming
VEX IQ (Grade 7-9)
Coding with computers and/or iPads opportunities
flow chart based programming, scratch like block coding and Python
Problem solving through project based learning using
computational thinking lens.


Resource requires an iPad (iOS).
Resource does not require a screen or digital device.
Resource requires a screen
Resource is physical, however, requires Screen Based activities.
Resource is used/accessed through a website making it generally available on any internet connected device (PC, Mac, iPad, Netbooks, Tablets, etc.
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