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Draw and Tell

Making Learning Visible in the Primary Grades

Draw and Tell by Duck Duck Moose is a unique drawing and recording app designed for young kids. It encourages visual and verbal storytelling by including an option for kids to record their own voice in conjunction with the drawing. Well-designed for very young artists and storytellers, Draw and Tell has easy-to-find icons for recording, drawing, coloring, and more. A range of settings and character options provides some starter choices, but for the most part kids learn here through experimentation and self-directed art creation and storytelling.

Basic Intro to the App ( 2:14 sec)

Draw and Tell intro (55 sec)

A Favourite App for Grade 1 students in Ms. Karen Lirenman’s class

Ms. Lirenman’s number one App used to share student learning. Here’s why:

  • it's grade one friendly, the tools make sense at their level 
  • students can independently add their thinking to anything they have created, by including a photo or video clip of their non-digital work or a screen shot of digital work and more…
  • http://learningandsharingwithm...

So how have we used it in my grade one class?

With Draw and Tell we have:

  • demonstrated our patterning knowledge by using the sticker tools provided to create patterns
  • demonstrated our patterning knowledge by using the drawing tools provided to create patterns
  • to see more samples of student work, please go to http://learningandsharingwithm...
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