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District Digital Resources (Databases)

The VSB subscribes to the new BC Digital Classroom.  It is an exciting collection of online resources to support our learners anytime anywhere.This new K-12 resource includes:

  • new science content for both elementary & secondary
  • some of your favourite Canadian resources
  • World Book (WB), EBSCO and more

Core Collection


Please visit Focused Education Resources for more information on BC Digital Classroom.

How do students and teachers use these resources?

Teachers and students can login to your school's library site to access databases.  When accessing district databases at school this way, further login is usually NOT required.  

However, when you access them from home or outside of school you might need to login.  The login username for your school is 39 plus your 2-letter school code.

More Teaching Resources

More teaching resources can be found on the Intranet site - Continuity of Learning Resources.

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