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The VSB Coding Carts

The VSB Coding Carts were designed specifically to give teachers a great all-in-one solution to teach Computational Thinking and Coding curriculum to Grade 6 and 7 students. The Joey 30 Carts are equipped and designed to facilitate a variety of CT&C (Computational Thinking and Coding) activities to occur concurrently in a typical VSB grade 4-7 classroom.  

What's in the Coding Cart?

15 iPads
See included apps

Get Started

Scratch Junior Card Set
Scratch Junior Education Site

Scratch Card Set
Scratch Education Site

Code Master Logic Game
How to Play Video

Circuit Maze Logic Game
CircuMaze 1008 Instruction

CS Unplugged Spiral Book

Worksheets & Templates

Download and print the iPad borrowing sheet to refill the duotangs in the District Coding Cart.
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