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School History

In 1929 the Municipality of Point Grey completed the Main building as a junior high school to address the growing demand “for at least three years of compulsory discover the bent and capacity of every boy and girl” before going to work, a high school of commerce or technical studies, or a senior high school.  Much, of course, has changed since those days while a great deal remains the same.

 In 1962 a very significant change occurred at Point Grey - the school was designated a comprehensive secondary school from grade 8 to 12 as it is today.  Although the school offered a full range of courses then, its focus was essentially academic. 

 Point Grey’s architectural design is one feature that sets it apart from other Vancouver Schools.  The “Collegiate Gothic” main building and the expansive grounds cost the taxpayers the extravagant sum of almost half million dollars in 1928.  Since the completion of the original building, there have been numerous renovations and additions; however, the unique style of the main building remains.  The attractive auditorium, the decorative lighting and ornamental beams in the main hall, and the exterior facade with the turrets and shields are unchanged since the school opened.  The well-maintained grounds, arboretum, and architectural design make Point Grey one of Vancouver’s most attractive schools.

 When the Science and Technical Wings were added with a new gymnasium in the mid sixties, Point Grey became one of the city’s best equipped older schools.  The completion of the all-weather track and oval with its underground sprinkler system further enhanced the facilities.  In September of 1979, Point Grey added the academically enriched Mini School Program drawing some of the most promising students from within and outside of the school’s boundaries.

 While most students who attend the school live within the Kerrisdale, Shaughnessy, Southlands, Musqueam and Dunbar areas, students are attracted to the school from all over the city.  Point Grey has the reputation for being a welcoming school.  Its highly trained staff set high expectations for achievement.  The “Greyhound” is the school team name.  It represents the front runner. 


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