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School Awards

The Annual Recognition Ceremonies are held in June for Grades 8 to 12.  The ceremonies are designed to recognize the good work completed in the school in a variety of areas.  The recipients of all awards are selected by the Point Grey Awards Committee.  The criteria for each award are listed below. 


The Point Grey Awards Committee assists the administration in the selection of candidates of all awards.  The committee seeks to carefully and impartially select candidates who best suit the criteria of each award.   In general, all students receiving awards must have demonstrated exceptional citizenship in the school. 


Many Point Grey awards are based on a points system.  Students can receive points in various areas of school life.  Staff members (sponsoring clubs, teams, etc) may award points to students for their participation.  Staff members submit all points to the Point Grey Awards Committee for calculation of awards.   In order to give the awards committee adequate time to deal with the points data and tabulate the results, the deadline for submission of all points is in April each year.   Any points submitted after the April deadline will be credited to the student's next year record.  Students can receive points in the following areas:

  • SERVICE POINTS - students can receive service points for their participation in school-based service clubs or events.  Every five hours of service is equal to one point.  Staff members sponsoring these activities track service hours and submit service points to the awards committee.  There is no maximum to the number of service points that can be achieved:  the more service the more points!  Point Grey Service Points may only be received for service done at the school by a sponsored event or teacher.  External service (community centres, retirement centres, etc) does not count towards Point Grey Service Points.
  • ATHLETIC POINTS - students can receive athletic points for their participation on school teams.  A maximum of six points per team may be allocated by coaches/sponsors.  Sponsors allocate points based on attendance at practices/games, sportsmanship/citizenship, leadership, and athletic talent.  Point Grey Athletic Points are only awarded to students playing for Point Grey Teams (external sports do not count towards these points).  Each year athletic points accumulate and when a student reaches a cumulative total of 60 athletic points, he/she will receive a Big Block Sweater.  See information below regarding this.
  • FINE ARTS POINTS - students who participate in extra-curricular fine arts activities may qualify for fine arts points.  Examples of some groups that qualify for fine arts points: PG Improv Team, Point Art Gallery, Dance Team, Pit Orchestra.  Staff members sponsoring such groups allocate points to students based on their involvement.  Typically, up to six points may be awarded for participation in these events.  However, an additional two points may be awarded for repeat performances or events.  Sponsors may also choose to award an additional two points to students who display leadership at such events.


The basic award for all activities is a Point Grey Certificate identifying the area in which the certificate has been earned.  All certificates can be earned annually if the minimum requirement is met.  

  • SERVICE CERTIFICATES - awarded to students who have earned a minimum of 10 service points - the equivalent of 50 hours of service.
  • ATHLETIC CERTIFICATES - awarded to students who have earned a minimum of 10 athletic points.  To obtain 10 points, students must have participated on at least two extracurricular teams.
  • FINE ARTS CERTIFICATES - awarded to students who have earned a minimum of 10 points in the fine/performing arts:  Art, Band, Choir, Drama or Dance.


Every year the points in each area of school life (scholarship, service, fine arts, and athletics) are added together and totaled on to the preceding year's total for a cumulative effect.  The following pins are awarded when the minimum requirement has been met:

  • SILVER GREYHOUND PINS - presented to students in any grade who have earned at least 10 points in service and 40 additional points in Athletics, Fine Arts, and/or Service for a minimum of 50 points.
  • GOLD GREYHOUND PINS - presented to students in any grade who have earned at least 30 points in service and 60 additional points in Athletics, Fine Arts, and/or Service for a minimum of 90 points.
  • GOLD PLUS SERVICE ATTACHMENTS - presented to students in Grade 11 who have already received a gold greyhound pin in Grade 10 and have continued to give significant service to the school. 20 points in service are required in Grade 11 to reach a cumulative total of 110 points.
  • PLATINUM GREYHOUND PINS - presented to students in Grade 12 who have earned at least 130 cumulative points in Athletics, Fine Arts, and/or Service.  80 of these cumulative points must be in service (of which 20 points must be earned in Grade 11 and 20 points must be earned in Grade 12).


Each year, a trophy is awarded to the students in grade 10-12 who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in scholarship, service, athletics, and fine arts.

  • SERVICE TROPHY - awarded to a student in each grade who has accumulated a significant number of service points during the school year and has also displayed varied service.
  • ATHLETIC TROPHY - awarded to the most outstanding athlete of each grade.  Normally, two athletic trophies are awarded:  top male and female athlete.
  • FINE ARTS TROPHY - awarded to a student in each grade who has exhibited outstanding achievement in the fine and performing arts.  Students with contributions in more than one area are seriously considered.


Each year, a book prize is awarded to acknowledge a grade 12 student who has excelled in a particular department or subject area.  Some departments may choose to award a plaque, trophy or gift certificate in lieu of a book.  Book prizes are presented from the following departments/areas:

  • Art, Band, Business Education, Choir, Drama, English, ELL, Home Economics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Stəywəte:n First Nations, Technical Studies


Each year, Point Grey students compete in various competitions.  Students who have received special distinction for their performance in these competitions are acknowledged with certificates, medals, and/or trophies.  Some past competitions include:

  • Math - Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, Euclid, AMC, AIME, Canadian Open Math Challenge

  • Science - Regional Crystal Growing Competition, Canadian Chemistry Contest, Science Council Medal

  • English - UBC Essay Contest, Royal Commonwealth Essay Contest, Writers Festival Contest, VPL Writing Contests


Each year, a special award/trophy/plaque is awarded to acknowledge a grade 12 student who has excelled in a particular area.  The following awards of distinction are presented:

  • JOHN O'CONNOR MINI SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD - presented to a grade 12 mini school student who has made significant contributions to the life of the Mini School. Service, citizenship and attitude are a strong consideration as this is a spirit award. Nominations for this award are made by the Point Grey Mini School staff.
  • MICHAEL KEENLYSIDE AWARD - presented to a grade 12 student who has been an integral member of the senior boys basketball team.  In addition to his skill and leadership on the court the student has demonstrated good citizenship off the court.  Nominations for this award are made by the Point Grey Athletic Board.
  • PETE TYLER AWARD - presented to a grade 12 student who has shown outstanding commitment, leadership and sportsmanship in the Point Grey athletics program during his/her five years.  Nominations for this award are made by the Point Grey Athletic Board.
  • UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO NATIONAL BOOK PRIZE - The University of Toronto National Book Award Program is intended to recognize and reward the very best Canadian secondary school students, regardless of which university those students choose to attend. These are students who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional achievement in a broad context. They excel in academic pursuits, demonstrate enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and have a strong involvement in the lives of their schools and communities.  The Point Grey Counselling Department (in consultation with the awards committee) nominates a deserving Grade 12 Student for this award.


The Big Block Club has been established to celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes.  A Big Block Sweatshirt will be awarded to all athletes who during their five years at Point Grey accumulate 60 athletic points. Students acquire athletic points by participating in extracurricular teams.  Each student may be awarded a maximum of six points for his/her participation on each team by the coach/sponsor.  Therefore, a student must play on a minimum of 10 teams and receive maximum points to achieve the BIG BLOCK CLUB STATUS.  The Big Block Club sweatshirts will be awarded each year at the Athletic Banquet in June.

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