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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops


July 6 - 17, 2020 in Barcelona

BIYSC is a two-week program aimed at stimulating scientific talent in young people aged between 16 and 18 years old all over the world. It covers a large broad range of subjects across STEM fields. Everyone involved will have the chance at choosing a project that suits their interests and conduct hands-on cutting-edge research.  During this intensive period of time, participants will not only be living with their international colleagues that share the same passions, but they will also attend ceremonies, scientific lectures from leading scientists and sightseeing Barcelona.           

UBC Geering Up -- Engineering Explorations

Gr. 10 Girls on Feb 22, 2020

Gr. 8 Girls on Mar 14, 2020

Engineering Explorations events are an exciting opportunity for girls to visit UBC Engineering and learn about engineering. Enjoy a full day of fun, hands-on activities led by current university students and meet "engspiring" mentors. 

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UBC Geering Up -- Let's Talk Tech

Gr. 8-12 students on Saturday 29, 2020 in Surrey

Each full day, co-ed workshops shows the exciting possibilities of the tech industry through digital skills literacy!

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