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POINT GREY CLUBS 2023 - 2024

Clubs are a key component of any vibrant school. They provide opportunities for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basis for enduring friendships. Clubs also help students develop critical skills such as interpersonal communication, collaboration, initiative and tenacity. 


Clubs can meet before school, during lunch, or after school, and during Flexible Instructional Time (FIT) on Mondays and/or Fridays if their Club Sponsor is available.

Activities and Events 

The Club Sponsor must be present at all club activities and events. No exceptions. If you are considering an activity or event, please submit a Proposal for a Student Council or Club Event form (available in the office) to Mr. Humphries at least 10 school days prior to the event/activity. All advertising posters for an event/activity must be approved and signed by the Club Sponsor. 


In general, fundraising should not be the sole purpose of a club. Fundraising, including the sale of food/beverage items, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please complete a] Proposal for a Student Council or Club Event form (available in the office) and submit it to Mr. Humphries (Vice Principal) at least 10 school days prior to the proposed event.

Service Hours and Service Points 

Only approved service clubs qualify for service hours and points. Within these clubs, service hours must be carefully recorded and verified/approved by the Club Sponsor. In some clubs the core leaders may accumulate service hours and points, while the general membership does not (see each club listed below for specifics).  

Club NameClub Purpose
Animal Welfare Clubto aid and support animals, and to give guidance to new pet owners
Art Clubto foster a creative and inclusive community centered around art
Badminton Clubto encourage students to play badminton and be active
BC Hospital Support Clubto empower students to fundraise while educating them about the daily challenges of patients and health care workers
Book Clubto promote a love for reading
Business Clubto help students develop some basic knowledge of economics and to participate in the Wharton Business competition
Cancer Research Clubto raise awareness of various forms of cancer and to support individuals and families affected
Cantonese Clubto celebrate and share Cantonese culture
Chess Clublearn about chess strategies and tactics
Chinese Culture Clubshare Chinese culture including games
Clean Up Crewto organize and implement regular schoolground, park and shoreline clean-ups
Computer Science Clubto provide a place where students can learn about concepts and discuss tech trends
Crochet Clubto provide a space where students can socialize and meet new people while practicing or learning a new skill
Dance Clubto give every student a chance to dance and participate in performance at school
Dungeon & Dragons 
(DnD) Club
to create a community for students interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons
Debate Teamto provide all students with an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions, empowering individuals to become strong critical thinkers and effective communicators
Economics Clubto foster a deeper understanding of AP Economics material and to facilitate peer-to peer learning and discussion
Engineering Clubplace for people to connect who are interested in STEM 
Fantasy Sports Clubto provide a place for students to discuss sports results
Fashion Design & Photo Clubto provide a place for students to share their understanding of fashion design & photography
Film Clubto introduce students to a variety of films (each with distinct visuals, screenwriting, music, acting, style and/or cultural impact
Financial Literacy Clubto teach and promote basic necessary financial concepts to ensure that students have a seamless transition into lifelong financial independence
Food Bank Societyto create awareness about poverty and to aid the Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Guitar Cluba place for students interested in guitar jamming
Grad Committeeto organize grad events
Handicraft Clubto create handicrafts and potentially sell some as a fundraiser for charity
Heart Clubto spread awareness and heart health and fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
Homework Clubto assist students with their schoolwork
Improv Clubto teach students improv and play drama games
Indigenous Cultures
Revitalization Club
to help connect Indigenous students to Point Grey by making indigenous foods, playing games, creating audio recordings and videos, and painting a mural
Japanese Anime Clubto examine and explore Japanese culture
K-Pop Clubenjoy K-Pop music in a group setting
Library Clubto organize projects, events, and a social media presence to enhance the feeling of the library
Lunch Buddiesto provide social opportunities for Lifeskills students to have activities and conversations with same aged peers
Math Clubto provide support for students with concepts and discuss contest questions with peers and further expand knowledge of math and challenge students with advanced contests
Media Clubto raise awareness about social issues such as stereotyping, gaslighting and social anxiety.
Model UN Clubto promote global awareness and encourages students to get involved in discussions about international issues and diplomacy
Music Outreach Societyto allow lovers of music to be able to perform, practice, and improve their musicality
Performance Art Clubto present performance art to students, and lead them to express their ideas and feelings through performing and action
Philosophy Clubto explore and seek understanding of fundamental questions about the nature of reality, knowledge, existence, ethics and the meaning of life
Photography Clubto provide an opportunity for students to communicate through photography
Physics Clubto help students with physics schoolwork and to provide physics related challenges
Poverty Response Clubto raise awareness about the poverty crisis in Vancouver, and raise money for those in need
Pride Clubto provide a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ youth and allies who want to support the community, and to foster inclusivity and diversity at Point Grey
Public Speaking Clubto help students develop skills to conquer and master public speaking
Reconciliation, Equity, Diversion, Inclusion (REDI) Clubstudents collaborate on initiatives that raise awareness on current issues affecting marginalized communities, celebrate the diverse student population 
Rugby Clubto grow the game of rugby and get exercise
Scorekeeping & Referee Clubto scorekeep and referee at school sports games
Student Leaders Clubto develop essential leadership skills among club members, and to empower students to become leaders in their local community
Sustainability Clubto educate students on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and how it can be achieved
TED-Ed Clubto promote inclusivity and to provide an open environment for developing ideas and enhancing public speaking skills
Tennis Clubto promote and foster the sport of tennis for the purpose of recreation, fitness and an active healthy lifestyle
Trading Clubto promote financial literacy for students of all grades through fun but informative stock simulations offered by Junior Achievement BC
Ultimate Clubto provide students who are interested in exploring ultimate frisbee and to build a community and sense of belonging with the sport and other students
UNICEF Clubto education and advocate for UNICEF's work and to fundraise to support UNICEF
Volunteer Clubto help students identify potential volunteer opportunities
Weight Room Clubto encourage students to learn and participate in an active and healthy lifestyle through the use of weights
World Vision Clubto aid communities on a local and global scale
Writing Clubto inspire student writers, and to create a positive and safe sharing environment for everyone

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