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Chemistry 11

Prerequisite: Science 10

This course is intended for:

• Students in grade 11 who require a grade 11 science
• Students who wish to continue the study of chemistry
• Students planning to take Biology 12 (for the organic chemistry section) concurrently

The basic feature of this course is that theories and arguments are based on experimental observations recorded by the student or, in some cases, based on the work of others. Laboratory work will be emphasized in this course.

Topics to be covered are:

• Introduction to Chemistry
• Atomic Structure
• The Mole Concept
• Chemical Reactions
• Solution Chemistry
• Organic Chemistry
• Stoichiometric Chemistry
• The Periodic Table
• Chemical Bonding
• Chemical Names and Formulae

It is recommended that each student have a good scientific calculator. A laboratory folder will be required.

A final cross grade examination may be written in June.

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