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Welcome to the Point Grey Secondary School English department website. Here you will find useful information relating to the various courses offered by the department, invaluable (if not slightly monolithic) literary terms glossaries, reading lists, and helpful links to such exciting websites as the Modern Language Association, all provided with surprisingly few grammatical errors, and only a couple of typos.

It should of course be noted that the above obligatory preamble was written not by one of school’s English teachers, but rather a very un-witty former student of theirs, and will likely be replaced by a warmer welcome composed by someone far better versed in the proper uses of a semicolon.


BC Ministry of Education - Programs & Services for Students This fascinating website provides PDF files of old Provincial exams and so much more. Possibly the greatest website ever, is one great big free dictionary--with a thesaurus!

Modern Language Association (MLA) The official website of the MLA, an organization commonly referred to as, "Those blokes writing about the Socratic wonder that are Works Cited pages."

SparkNotes Just a friendly reminder that teachers can access websites, too. And read them, as well.

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