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Assessment and Reporting

Communicating Student Learning - Formal Reporting under the Covid Quarterly and hybrid learning environment.


Across Vancouver, all public secondary schools share the same principles of assessment and reporting, and we share the same reporting timelines.


Guiding Principles. 

  • Parents will receive a minimum of two formal reports per course regardless of its duration (Exceptions are the Applied Skills 8 and Fine Arts 8 Rotations). 
  • Ongoing communication with parents, especially when there is concern about student learning, engagement, or achievement is essential given the compressed timeframe of the Quarterly schedule. 
  • A student must receive an ‘I’ (incomplete, insufficient evidence of learning) prior to receiving a final failing grade. 
  • Reporting windows are standardized across our school district.

Reporting Standards

  • Quarter and Semester courses will have two formal reports that include a course grade, work habit, and teacher comment(s)
  • Linear - Full-Year Courses
    • Mandatory (MyEd) Interim in November - work habits, teacher comment(s) and percent grade for all grade 12 courses
    • Mid-year formal report
    • Discretionary Interim in April
    • Final Report
  • Grading and Assessment Standards
    • All Grade 8 courses are assessed with performance standard indicators (see below)
    • Grade 9 courses are assessed with one of the following options as determined by our teacher colleagues 
      • performance standard indicator
      • letter grade
      • percent
    • Grade 10-12 courses will be assessed using percentages 

The following tables provide information regarding reporting periods and posting of grades to student accounts.  Information on how to log into your family account can be found here; if you have difficulty accessing your account please contact our administration support colleague, Miss. Kelsey Horne at

Reporting Timelines: 

Our reporting timelines are summarized in the table below:

Quarterly Reporting Schedule

Start/End Date

Days of Instruction

Mid Quarter Reports Window

Final Quarter Reports Window


Sep 14- Nov 17


Oct 9 -16

Nov 18 - 24


Nov 18 - Feb 3


Jan 4 - 8

Feb 4 - 10


Feb 4 - Apr 23


Mar 11 - 31

Apr 27 - 30


Apr 27 - Jun 29


May 28 - Jun 4

Jun 28 - 29






Semester Reporting Schedule 






Start/End Date

Days of Instruction

Mid-Semester (Interim) Reports Window

Final Semester Reports Window


Sep 14 - Feb 3


Nov 18 - 24

Feb 4 -10


Feb 4 - Jun 29


Apr 27 - 30

Jun 28-29


Linear Reporting Schedule

Start/End Date

Days of Instruction

Interim Reporting Window (Mandatory)

Mid-Year Reports Window

Interim Reporting Window

Final Reports


Sep 14 - Jun 29


Nov 18 - 24

Feb 4 - 10

Apr 27 - 30

Jun 28-29


Graduation Assessment Program. 

The Literacy 12 and French Immersion 12 Graduation Assessments have been delayed until the 2021-22 school year. The grade 10 Numeracy and Literacy assessments are continuing.  


Grade 8 and 9 Proficiency scale assessment.

Since 2019 Magee has been piloting Grade 8 and 9 proficiency scale assessment. Provincially, as of September 2020, it became mandatory for all grade 8s to be assessed using the proficiency scale; Magee is maintaining our grade 9 pilot. The proficiency scales used in Vancouver are: 

BEGINNING: The student demonstrates an initial understanding of the concepts and competencies relevant to the expected learning. 

DEVELOPING: The student demonstrates a partial understanding of the concepts and competencies relevant to the expected learning. 

APPLYING: The student demonstrates a complete understanding of the concepts and competencies relevant to the expected learning.  

EXTENDING: The student demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the concepts and competencies relevant to the expected learning.  

If you are interested in more background information on BC’s new curriculum and assessment guidelines please refer to this Ministry site.

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