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Technical Studies



The Magee Design and Fabrication (MDF) program offers students the opportunity to design and fabricate objects using a variety of materials, methods, technologies and tools. Using creative and critical thinking, students will work individually and collaboratively to problem solve by exploring materials, using tools and equipment, designing and building, developing processes and communicating the merits of their work. 

 Learning in MDF provides students with firm foundations for lifelong learning, an opportunity for specialized study and a chance to explore a diverse range of careers. It develops well-rounded citizens who are informed creators and consumers, while fostering the development of future problem solvers, innovators, and skilled workers who can contribute to solving problems not yet anticipated with processes and technologies not yet imagined in order to improve their lives, the lives of others and the environment.

Topics Covered:

DesignDesign opportunities and processes used in project development. 
Scales for different types of drawings and 3D Modeling styles 
WoodworkIdentification, characteristics, properties and uses of wood.
Woodworking techniques, traditional and non-traditional joinery using a variety of tools, equipment, including stationary power equipment. 
MetalworkFabrication techniques and processes using hand tools and stationary equipment.  
Range of uses of metalwork including Forging, Welding and Sheet Metal.
SilversmithingTraditional and modern techniques in jewellery design and creation.
Various forms of casting, detailed oriented welding.



SketchUp Chair


Erica Chin (Gr. 9)

Jordan DesBrisay (Gr. 11)


Isabel Ducommun (Gr.8)

Sarah Chow (Gr. 8)

Cutting Board

Band Saw Box
Richard Hu (Gr. 10)

Sequoia Benches
Evan Fedder (Gr. 12)


Jessica So (Gr. 8)

Sheet Metal Box


Jade Holness (Gr. 10)

Jena Smith (Gr. 10)

Silversmithing:Twist Ring


Sidney Fung (Gr. 9)


3D Modeling:

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