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Clubs provide an amazing opportunity for students to connect and develop leadership and organization development skills- they are an integral part of life at Magee. Each club is supervised by a sponsor teacher, can apply for a small budget from our Student Council, and can engage in its own fundraising and program.  Students are encouraged to start their own club if they wish- please contact Magee administration in this regard!  If you want to find out more about clubs at Magee please contact your grade counsellor or one of our admin!

2023-2024 Magee Clubs

Sponsor Teacher (Rm. #)Meeting Time
Anime ClubRose MengMs. Kuk (204)Wednesday—LUNCH; Friday—LUNCH
Automotive clubSteven Gao, Chawakrit WilawanMr. Yuen (303)Wednesday—LUNCH; Wednesday—FIT
Aviation ClubChawakrit Wilawan, Owen Tao, Steven GaoMr. Yuen (303)Wednesday—LUNCH
Bicycling Health ClubTim Nguyen, Matthew WongMr. Jay (325)Every Collaborative day
Boxes of HopeMinha Kyun, Subin RyuMs. Ropchan (331)Tuesday—LUNCH
Chess ClubRichard Wang, Coby CheungMr. Tsang (312)Monday—Lunch; Friday—Lunch
Connect LA/LSRuby Hosick-Dunn, Caique KlossMr. Collier (317)last Tuesday of every month
Consumption ClubAustin Liu, Alec LanMs. Hawbolt  (231)varies, no concrete schedule made
DC DanceOlivia YangMr. Waterman, meetings take place at the KCCinconsistent dates (varies every week)
Debate ClubGrace QiuMs. Hawbolt (231)Mondays and Wednesdays
Desktop ClubEli RubinoffMr. Jay (325)Tuesday—AFTER SCHOOL
Digital Arts ClubHyewon Lee, Erica ChinMr. Jay (325)Every day during Lunch 
Diversity ClubGrace Qiu, Jane LeeMr. Michael Lee (212)Friday—LUNCH
DND ClubKevin WongMr. Fernandes (330)Friday—LUNCH
Environment ClubNatasha ChaoMr. Robinson (122)Every Wednesday Fit
Étolie BalletYuhe Shi, Yucheng Wang
Ms. Ogden (GYM)Thursday—FIT
Floral Artisans ClubYuhe Shi, Yucheng WangMs. MacGarvie (345)Friday—FIT
Foods ClubIvana Woo, Gabriella CheungMs. Grier (133)Wednesday—FIT
Girls' Coding ClubAmy Hu and Katie ChanMr. Wally Chan (139)Wednesday—FIT
Guitar ClubLeo WangMs. Saatchi (305)Monday after school
Health and Fitness clubJustan Sun, Jayden Vo, Richard WangDr. Schofield (meetings are fitness room)Thursday fits
Helping Hearts clubBehishta Beta Farhang, lalisa ThatchaichawalitMs. MacGarvie (345)Wednesday—FIT
History ClubRichard WangMr. Thrift (336)Monday lunch
Infinite PossibilitiesCameron Matterson, Justine TangMs. Ropchan (outside of school)none yet (it is only an online support group)
JK Dance ClubChloe Ng, Kenzie MahMs. Printz (meetings are in room 144 or in 2nd floor balcony, with gym windows)Wednesday Thursday Fit, sometimes after school
Key ClubMinha KyunMs. Ogden (330)Monday—LUNCH
Kids Help KidsMeghan Ha and Solaina DosanjhMr. Vince Chan (gym, but mostly done online)Wednesday - lunch
Leadership in the Business WorldCynthia Yu, Henry JiangMs. Ropchan (331)Wednesday and Friday lunch
Library ClubBernice Wong, Trina MahveenMs. Forgeron (LIB)shift system (before school, after school, fit time, lunch)
Lions Officials ClubEmma SetoMr. Vince Chan (111) - training sessions (meetings) are done in the gymThursday—FIT
Magazine clubJulia GuoMr. Michael Lee (212)Monday—LUNCH
Magee Avocado Society Yuhe Shi, Yucheng WangMs. Ogden (330)Thursday FIT
Magee Coding ClubPraveen Mohadevan, Keenan ReynoldsMr. Wally Chan (139)Wednesday lunch 
Magee Ennovate ClubKatrina So, Zienna LeeMs. James (138)Tuesday—FIT; Friday—FIT
Magee Fishing ClubNoah Romano, Adam KostewMr. Waterman (outside of school)once every month (day of the month varies)
Magee HOPE ClubAlina LinMs. Macgarvie (345)twice a month (no set day of the week )
Magee Model United NationsLake HarrisMs. Hawbolt (231), Ms. Chalmers (239)No consistent date
Math ClubLeo Wang, Athena YuMs. Saatchi (305)Thursday—FIT
Math Club & ChallengersQiyu WangMs. Saatchi (305)Thursday—FIT
Mental Health Matters ClubArjun Sian, Mantaj DhaliwalMs. McNeill (subject to change), meetings in Rm. 232 Friday lunch
Movie ClubAdela TsangMr. Waterman (134/AUD)Wednesday—FIT; Thursday—FIT
Mr. Jay's Cool ClubErica Chin Mr. Jay (325)Monday during lunch 
PAWS for a causeChawakrit Wilawan, Christian BevilacquaMs. Lehmann (333)Thursday—FIT
Photography ClubLucas Tong, Leo GongMs. Macgarvie (345)Friday—LUNCH
PlayersSofia Rocha Zandbergen, Peter LiMs. Byrne (134/AUD)Friday FIT twice a month
Project HastingsTinklyn Xiang, Braden YipDr. Schofieldvaries
Random Acts of Kindness ClubMariam BedaiwyMs. Grier (133)varies every month, when needed
Reach For the TopRichard WangMr. Thrift (336)Thursday—Lunch
Retro Collage Club (Timeless Treasures Club)Cressida Guo, Tara LiMs. MacGarvie (meetings take place outside of school)Wednesday—AFTER SCHOOL
Running ClubQiyu WangMs. Saatchi (305)Thursday—AFTER SCHOOL
Smile Train MageeVicky LiuMs. Koloska (230)Wednesdays lunch, bi-weekly or tri-weekly
Spanish ClubCaique Fonseca Kloss, Sofia Rocha ZandbergenMs. MacGarvie (345)Thursday—LUNCH
STEM ClubAllen LiangMr. Sheldan (327)Thursdays
STEM SororitySahithya Sathyaprasanna, Angel ShieldsMs. Lehmann (333)Thursday—LUNCH
Sunrise Society ClubYuhe Shi, Beta FarhangMs. MacGarvie (345)Thursday fits, twice a month
The Elite Chess MastersAhmad Surosh FarhangMs. Bourgh (142)Tuesday—LUNCH; Thursday—LUNCH
UpliftKevin Zhang, Matthew WongMs. MacGarvie (rm 345)biweekly meetings, tuesday lunch
Volleyball ClubHilary Yum, Julie Choi, Candace ChanMs. Koloska (GYM)Thursday—FIT
Young Christian's ClubAnna-Marie Skinder, Abigail Skinder, Joseph SkinderMr. Ting (236)Monday—LUNCH
Youth Welcoming Circle ClubRyan Lau, Brian GuoMs. Elizabeth Chan (216)Wednesday—LUNCH
Youthfulhands SocietyQuinton Chen, Hayley ZengMs. Lehmann (333)Friday lunch (subject to change)
We are Bibli Youth Literature ClubNina Ou, Esther Kaiman JiMs. Mallet (235)Every Friday

Club Proposal Form

If you’re interested in creating/continuing a club this year at Magee, please fill out this proposal form.

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