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Welcome to the Magee Science department!
Here's what we've been up to...

Congratulations to grade 9 student Angela Zhou who won a bronze medal and the award for most innovative technology at the Greater Vancouver Science Fair - way to make us all proud Angela!
We recently got back from our annual Grade 11 trip to Bamfield - here's a great write up from some of the students who attended the trip:

Wow... Bamfield was a great experience! Although the bus ride was a little long (and a little loud), the trip there was definitely worth it and you could tell even the minute you stepped off the bus what a great trip this would be.

After a tour of the research centre, we had dinner which was surprisingly pretty good for camp food - far surpassing our expectations. We met as a group, and had some group reflection time before retiring to our cabins for the night.

All of the labs we did across the trip were really fascinating, even though we were doing things we had already studied in school. They were presented and completed in some pretty interesting ways. The labs helped to change our perspectives as they felt like they were much more in-depth and detailed than anything else we had ever done. This was primarily due to being able to interact with the animals we were discussing, as well as come face to face with the ways they live and act in their natural environment.

The beaches that we were taken to were amazing. While on the beach trips, we practiced some peaceful solo time, which basically meant staying alone for half an hour or so. This provided an excellent time to just listen to the waves, let all your stress melt away, or take a seriously good nap.

While the weather at times could be less than favourable, it honestly helped the experience feel more meaningful and authentic. It was as if we were doing actual research, participating in real work through dredging and water sampling. All in all Bamfield was a great experience that is definitely an opportunity that should be taken any time when it’s available.

- Justice Ingleton, Yoshi Inoue, Jed Hsieh, and Cameron Siu on Bamfield 2019

Here's some photos from the trip:

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