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Business Education

Teachers:  Ms. James and Mrs. Quan

All Magee students will be using the MyBlueprint Program/App for:

  • Career Education 8 and 9
  • Career and Life Education 10

Students must activate their accounts at and click School Account Login.  The MyBlueprint App can be found in the student's Office 365 Account under All Apps.  Students can log into their free O365 account using: and use their existing password for school computers.


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Complete THREE courses from the FOUR Business focus areas of Accounting, Economics, Marketing or Tourism (grade 11 or 12 level courses only), offered through the Business Department, and you will GRADUATE with a BUSINESS EXPLORATION CERTIFICATE.

This achievement will highlight your scope/breadth of exposure to grade 11 and 12 Business classes. 

Magee Secondary 

Business Education Electives by Grade





GRADE 11 OR 12


Entrepreneurship & 

Marketing 8


Entrepreneurship &

Marketing 9

Accounting 11

Work Experience 11



Work Experience 12





Digital Communications & Computer Applications 9




Marketing & Promotion 11



Accounting 11

Accounting 12



Tourism 11


Marketing & Promotion 11

E-Commerce 12




Business Computer Applications 12



Business Computer Applications 12

++ Economics 12




Tourism 11



Entrepreneurship 12






Tourism 12

 ++ Economics 12 – Preference will be given to Grade 12 students

Did you know that SFU now accepts more Business Education Courses. Economics 12, Accounting 12 and Entrepreneurship 12. 

For more details check out Canadian high school Fall 2021 requirements for BC at: SFU ADMISSIONS


ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MARKETING 9 (formerly Business Education 9) (MADEM09)

This course will give students the opportunity to understand the basics of business. Students will develop and apply appropriate business skills, including interpersonal, teamwork, communication, and research skills to solve business problems.

Topics: include, but are not limited to the following: Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance and Marketing.

Digital Communications 9 and Business Computer Applications 12 (formerly Computer Fundamentals 9/10/11) (MADIT09, MBCA-12)

An Introductory course for grade 9 -12 students. 

Note: this course may only be taken once, either in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12

This is a no-homework, hands-on course where students complete all work in class. Good solid computer skills are essential in today’s technology-oriented society. Completion of this course will provide you with a solid foundation for future use. In this course you will learn to:

▪ Type without looking at the keyboard, using proper keyboarding techniques, and do so more quickly than ever with a minimum number of mistakes

▪ Create well organized personal letters, reports and other business documents

▪ Use presentation and spreadsheet software effectively

▪ Improve time-management and organizational skills

▪ Develop work habits that will enhance future educational/work experience

MARKETING AND PROMOTION 11 (formerly Marketing 11) (MMAP-11) 

Open to students in grades 10 - 12

What makes a successful product? How do we decide what products to buy? How do we use marketing to increase Sales and Profits? 

Explore Marketing as we learn about Market Research, Product Development, Promotions and Advertising and Entrepreneurship so that businesses can determine and meet the customers’ needs, how businesses use marketing to present their products and services, and how marketing helps individuals and firms become and remain successful. This course will involve building presentation skills and teamwork. Case studies of businesses will be used to help develop students’ knowledge and skills.

E-COMMERCE 12 (formerly MARKETING 12) (MECOM12) (Accepted by Capilano University)

Recommended: Marketing and Promotion 11

This course is about learning by doing (and having fun) rather than learning from a textbook. 3 main topics include:

• Culture & International Marketing - students will participate in games / activities to analyze how culture influences our decisions and behavior before adapting an advertising campaign to a new country.

• Entrepreneurship & Sales - students will manage and run the school store for the year, choosing products, creating promotions, supervising day-to-day operations and completing financial reporting.

• Modern Marketing - marketing today requires better ways to get consumers' attention and we will analyze social, experiential and viral marketing. Each project focuses on creating your own advertisements through Photoshop and video editing.


Open to students in grades 10 – 12

Are you interested in MONEY?  Do you want to learn how businesses manage their finances? Do you want to find out how much you are WORTH?

If you answer “Yes” to these questions –Accounting 11 is a course for you! Students need financial skills to survive in today’s competitive and complex world. This course provides a basic understanding of the accounting steps taken by most service businesses in keeping track of their money: How much is being earned? How much is being spent? Students learn to prepare Balance Sheets, Income Statements and other Financial Statements needed to solve financial problems and run the financial affairs of a business. Students also explore career opportunities in the field of Accounting.

This is an essential course for those students who wish to pursue a Commerce degree or an entrepreneurial career. Students can also gain practical work experience in a real “Accounting” setting via the Work Experience Program.

ACCOUNTING 12 (MACC-12) (accepted by SFU for 2020)

Highly Recommended:  Accounting 11 

 You enjoyed Accounting 11 and you want to continue your studies in Accounting?  Take this course and move into Automated Accounting and much more.  

Students will learn Accounting procedures for Merchandising Businesses and the use of Specialized Journals. Each student will learn how to use an Automated Accounting Program and complete accounting work for 3 to 4 different companies. Team projects and presentations will be a component of each term with a special “House Hunters” unit focusing on housing, mortgages, and the real costs associated with living in the Lower Mainland.  

Students will also have the opportunity to experience a real “Accounting” setting via the Work Experience Program.  Students will proceed to post-secondary studies with a good foundation in accounting theory. 

 ECONOMICS 12 (MEC--12) (Accepted by SFU for 2020 and by UBC)

Preference given to Grade 12’s 

Economics 12 introduces you to many dynamic issues that affect the way that all of us live. Who says money makes the world go round? Come find out for yourself!  Analyze the effects of individual and government decisions on our local society, the Canadian nation, and the global community. Understand how economic theory can help us deal with the environmental concerns of this generation. Economics is for everyone! 


Open to students in grades 10 – 12 

The tourism sector is one of the fastest growing and ever-changing industry in the world.  British Columbia’s tourism industry is projected to create 101,000 new job openings by 2020 in a wide range of areas.  Do you enjoy working with other people and are you considering a future career in a client-based profession? If so, these are the courses for you!  Concepts covered in these courses will be of exceptional value to students who strive to work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Students learn to strengthen and develop effective communication strategies.  Students will gain an understanding of global tourism issues, principles of tourism management and operations, and economic importance of tourism and trades.  

ENTREPRENEURSHIP 12 (formerly Marketing Management 12) (MENT-12)(Accepted by SFU for 2020)

Recommended: Marketing 11 or Marketing 12  

Pre-interview with teacher required.

You must be responsible, mature and able to take an assignment from start to finish with little or no supervision. Independence, problem-solving, and decision-making skills are encouraged and promoted as are communication and interpersonal skills.

You will manage the operation of the Lion’s Den, with direction and guidance from the marketing teacher. You will experience the key functional aspects of managing a small retail business including developing, refining, and implementing store policy and operational procedures, scheduling, procuring, controlling and managing inventory. Controlling, managing and supervising staff including developing staff incentive programs, working with Marketing and Promotion 11 and E-Commerce 12 students to develop and implement marketing initiatives, and accounting and producing financial statements. Through these key functions, you will also develop skills in business software. This course will be offered through any block on the timetable, as you will be working independently, guided by the marketing teacher.




Work Experience 11 and 12 are courses of work-based learning in a cooperative partnership between the student, the school, and the employer. 

In grade 11, students are prepared for Work Experience through class work, and the students have many opportunities to complete some of their 90 required hours. 

In grade 12, students complete all of the remaining portion of their 90 required hours of Work Experience. 


Work experience courses generally occur in Grades 11 and 12—usually scheduled in an off-timetable period

Students will meet with their Work Experience teacher on a regular basis—either in one of their elective courses or at lunch or afterschool. 


Work experience students must complete 2 components to successfully earn 4 credits:  

 1. IN SCHOOL COMPONENT:  classroom topics to be covered:  workplace safety, resume and cover letter writing, work plan and employability skills, interview preparation, dress code, etc. 

*this component is usually completed in grade 11 along with some of the 90 hours of work experience 

 2. OUT OF SCHOOL COMPONENT:  90 hours of work experience (volunteering and job shadowing) in the community and completion of all the necessary paperwork 

*the remaining portion of this component is usually completed in grade 12 


If students wish to pursue specific areas of work experience it is recommended that they have some exposure to one or two courses in that particular area: 

 1.      If a student wishes to go to an Accounting placement they must have some Accounting knowledge (i.e. Accounting 11, Accounting 12) 

2.       If a student wishes to go to a Technology/Computer based placement they must have some Technology knowledge (Media 11, Programming 11) 

3.      If a student wishes to go to a Tourism/Hospitality placement they must have some exposure to tourism and/or foods (Tourism 11, Foods 11) 

 NOTE:  Grade Counsellors and the Work Experience Teacher can help students in choosing the appropriate courses of study. 


Students registering for Work Experience will have: 

1) Excellent attendance  

2) Consistently good work habits  

3) Good communication skills  

4) A positive attitude and willingness to learn 


Work experience provides students with the opportunity to: 

 *apply in-school learning to the world of work 

*gain new learning experiences that go beyond those they receive in a school setting 

*earn course credits for exploring the workplace at a practical level 

*explore career choices to make informed decisions 

*develop qualities and skills that are transferable to, and contribute to success in, employment and career development 

*obtain references and contacts that will assist with future job searches 

*gain valuable experience in diverse settings 


*a student will receive 4 credits towards graduation 

*a student will receive a WORK EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE at Graduation from the school 

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