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Business Education

ACCOUNTING 11                                                                                                 MAC--11  


This is an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of maintaining financial information for business purposes and provides a foundation for further study in the field of accounting. All businesses need to communicate their financial situation to many groups, including creditors, stockholders, potential investors, employees, and government. The concepts, principles, and procedures learned in accounting can be applied globally. This course looks at the importance of accounting in business, the roles of accountants as well as the activities involved in maintaining financial information.  


ACCOUNTING 12                                                                                                 MACC-12


This course builds on your knowledge gained in accounting 11 and, combined with accounting 11, is excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing a business degree or diploma. Accounting is one of the fundamental building blocks of all post-secondary business programs. Knowledge of accounting will be beneficial to students who are interested in starting their own business or running a family business. A fundamental knowledge of accounting is crucial to the operation of a profitable business. Finally, a strong understanding of financial statements and related accounting concepts will be helpful to everyone in conducting their own personal finances.  


ENTREPRENEURSHIP 12                                                                                    MENT-12


This course allows students to develop and demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit, characteristics, and work ethic.  A well-developed interest in business, innovation, and self-employment are required.  Students will be responsible for developing and implementing a number of business ventures through-out the course of the year.  They will learn how to develop and evaluate a business, build a personal network of business contacts, hone their creative and critical thinking, apply teamwork skills and put presentation skills to the test.  Entrepreneurial Thinking is becoming a skill set more and more universities and employers are looking for.


ECONOMICS 12                                                                                                   MEC--12


Students will learn how the economy works from both a macro and micro economic perspective. In addition to economic concepts, students will also be taught how to think like an economist. Topics will include Supply and Demand, Banking and money creation, Fiscal policy, Government policies, Price controls, the Canadian and the Global economy, the Stock Market, and current business news and trends.


AP MICROECONOMICS 12                                                                                AMI--12 


 (See AP Section)

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