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Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program has a tradition of encouraging students to express and challenge themselves in order to produce work that raises awareness and builds community.


Visual Arts 8                                                                                                         MVA--08


In this course students will work mainly with clay and focus on skill- building to discover where their personal strengths and interests lie.  They will learn basic hand-building pottery techniques, have a brief introduction to observational drawing skills, engage in student critiques, and complete a short inquiry assignment. They will make a ceramic planter with a textured pattern and design and carve a stamp based on a traditional motif to make pendants, ornaments, and plates. It is expected that students will grow more conscious of the elements and principles of design present in their own decision-making.  Students will also learn about historical and contemporary developments in art with a special focus on Traditional Japanese views of beauty.   Except for minor research or planning, all hands-on assignments will be completed in-class. Therefore, students are encouraged to access the art room during available lunch or FIT time if they fall behind.  Success in the course requires that students be creative and challenge themselves. 



VISUAL ARTS 9           (Drawing and Painting)                                MVA--09DA1                                          

STUDIO ARTS 2D 10  (Drawing and Painting)                               MVAD-10

STUDIO ARTS 2D 11  (Drawing and Painting)                                               MVAD-11

STUDIO ARTS 2D 12  (Drawing and Painting)                               MVAD-12


These courses focus primarily on 2D Art.   Students will be introduced to a variety of drawing and painting techniques such as life-drawing, block-printing, photomontage, portrait drawing, constructing dioramas, paper-cutting, and graphic design projects.  Some other techniques may include weaving, sewing, Indigenous beadwork, needle point, assemblage, and felting.  Some of the materials include graphite, spray paint, oil pastels, charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, and wool.   They will become acquainted with the historical and contemporary developments in the art world as well as what careers are available in the arts.  Depending on availability, an art gallery tour will be provided. Success in the course requires students to be well organized, self-disciplined, motivated, and creative. 



VISUAL ARTS 9          (Ceramics)                                       MVA--09CR1 

STUDIO ARTS 3D 10 (Ceramics)                                                       MVAC-10

STUDIO ARTS 3D 11 (Ceramics)                                       MVAC-11                

STUDIO ARTS 3D 12 (Ceramics)                                                                        MVAC-12


These courses focus primarily on hand-building with clay but may also include felting, leather-work, and Indigenous beadwork. Students will become familiar with the historical, cultural, and contemporary developments in ceramics, 



Studio Arts (Ceramics) Continued….


sculpture, and jewelry-making while fostering their own unique style and interests.  A growing awareness of the elements and principles of design will influence their creative process.  Projects may include vases, planters, mugs, wind-chimes, teapots, rice bowls, tea light lanterns, chopstick holders, plates, platters, soya sauce dispensers, figurines, pendants, earrings, key chains, brooches, and ornaments.    Depending on availability, an art gallery tour will be provided during the course. Students are encouraged to produce expressive and well-crafted pieces. 



PHOTOGRAPHY 11                                                                                              MVAPH11

PHOTOGRAPHY 12                                                                                             MVAPH12


No previous experience in photography is necessary—all levels are welcome in this class. Students will learn how to set an exposure so their camera can capture what their eyes see; how to read a photo and identify what makes it “good”; and how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to add creative flair to their own work. They will go on photo walks, field trips, and participate in contests where they may win cash prizes or have their work exhibited in a gallery.  We will study photographers past and present to help students discover their own style and inspire them to take creative risks.  This is a very hands-on class: there are daily activities with props and equipment that will allow students to apply their new skills and insights, building their creative confidence.  Students who do not have a camera can easily borrow one from the school.



BA ANNUAL PRODUCTION 10                                                                          YCCT-0C

BA ANNUAL PRODUCTION 11                                                                          YCCT-1C

BA ANNUAL PRODUCTION 12                                                                          YCCT-2C


This is a rewarding, hands-on class for grade 10-12 students interested in graphic design; photography; publishing; advertising and marketing; and/or journalism. Over the course of the year, students will work collaboratively to create a quality yearbook that reflects the school year in photos. They will come up with unique page ideas; they’ll learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; they’ll have access to digital cameras to document school life and events; and they’ll study graphic design to create attractive pages. Students should be mature, self-motivated, and able to work independently as well as in a team. 



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