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Peer Tutoring

This is a course that offers students an opportunity to provide assistance to others in their schools and communities. Tutors will develop skills in learning styles, communication, interpersonal relations, leadership, and teamwork.Evaluation | Course Outline

Two weeks before each term ends please hand in Part A and Part B the following:

  • Part A - Self Evaluation (A-1) (10 marks)
  • Part B -
    1. Self Rating Profile (B-1) (5 marks)
    2. Peer Tutoring Logs (Whole Term) (B-2) (15 marks)
    3. Reflection (A one page written reflection about the term that lists 5 or more skills you have learned while peer tutoring and examples to support the learning of the skills listed.) (B-3) (20 marks)

Reading #1 to be handed in 4 weeks after term starts and Reading #2 handed in 8 weeks after term starts:

  • Part C -
    1. Paper #1 from Reading #1 (C-1) (10 marks)
    2. Paper #2 from Reading #2 (C-2) (10 marks)

Select 2 readings (10 marks each) per term and write a one-page paper incorporating the ideas of the article. In the paper you should have -

  • A summary: VERY brief
  • Reflections about the ideas presented (What you think of the ideas)
  • A connection - how or why the ideas are meaningful to you and how they are a part of the world you live in and, if applicable, how they apply to your peer tutor work
  • A projection as to how the ideas can be useful in the future for you- further education, career and/or home situations - and how these ideas could help you in your future peer tutor work
  • Part D - Teacher Assessment of students participation level and self-initiative in the classroom (30 marks)

TOTAL: PART A_____+ PART B_____+ PART C______+ Part D = ________ (100 marks)

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