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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a course designed to provide the opportunity to work with diverse learners. The course provides guidance in effective strategies for supporting other students in academic areas through tutoring.  It also provides an opportunity to build leadership skills that will have future applications.   Tutors will develop skills in learning styles, communication, interpersonal relations, leadership, and teamwork.  Students must be willing to follow peer tutoring guidelines as outlined on the U-Hill Website.  This course is recommended for Grade 12 students. 

Evaluation Guideline:

Diverse Learning

  1. A Brief Introduction to Autism
  2. Anxiety
  3. Communicating with People with Autism
  4. FASD
  5. Guiding ADHD Students-Ten Ways To Help Them Succeed
  6. Hey Teacher FASD
  7. Suggestions of how to work with Stuck Kids
  8. Teaching children with FASD.pdf
  9. Tips For Teaching High Functioning People with Autism


  1. 8 Strategies to Help ELL Students.pdf
  2. Canadian Citizenship Test.pdf
  3. ESL Learners - Some Do's and Don'ts.pdf
  4. Layers of Language (and Content) Acquisition.pdf

Peer Tutor

  1. How to Be an Effective Peer Tutor
  2. Meet Your iBrain
  3. Peer Tutoring with Boise State University
  4. Some tips for becoming a good student
  5. The Development of Social Skills
  6. The Masks Students Wear
  7. Tips for Assisting Math Students
  8. Tutoring as Empowerment


  1. Peer Tutoring Reading Assignment
  2. Peer Tutoring Reflection Assignment
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