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To pay for fees (Sept 5, 2023 and after), please click on PAY FEES at the top of the page. 

* Click for instructions to School Cash Online 

Click for Complete list of School and Subject Course Fees University Hill for 2023 - 24

School Fees


Under the school fee legislation, there are two categories of allowable expenses- Allowable Student Fees and Optional Fees


Allowable Student Fees

Grades 8 - 11

Grade 12

Student Fee

Includes: Agenda, Student ID Card & School Activities



Graduation Ceremony

Includes: gown package, two tickets, facility rental, awards, decorations, photographer and presentation photo(s). 



Graduation Dinner/Dance

Includes: buffet dinner, DJ, photobooth and facility rental








Optional Fees




Note: Early Price of $45 for Sept only




Heavy Duty Combo Lock – new 



Heavy Duty Combo Lock – used


$ 5

* Some courses may have Supplemental Subject Fees


School fees should be paid using School Cash Online  

Note: Locks can be purchased by cash or cheque from the office.


Standard Fee Amounts

Students who are new to University Hill Secondary choose to pay the total of the allowable and optional fees.  Returning students may not need to purchase an additional lock each year and their total amount due will be reduced by the amounts of the optional items not required.


*Supplemental Subject Fees

Some courses may have supplemental fees for workbooks, enrichment activities or supplies. Information about these fees, if applicable, will be provided by those subject teachers and/or on the supplemental fees list on the school website and reflected on the student’s School Cash Online profile by the beginning of October.


Fee Waiver/ Financial Hardship Policy

The Board of Education Trustees is committed to ensuring that no school-age student will be denied an opportunity to participate in a course, class, or program because of an inability to pay fees.  Parents and guardians unable to pay some or all school fees are invited to speak to their child’s teacher, counsellor and/or the principal.


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