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In other words, the way our school works.
With the exception of special circumstances which are approved by the Principal, students in Grades 9 through 11 are enrolled in eight courses. With the approval of the Principal, Grade 12 students may take seven courses and a study if they are enrolled in four of the following: Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Calculus 12, English Literature 12, French 12, Geography 12, Writing 12, Law 12, Mathematics 12, Physics 12, Spanish 12.
PE is compulsory for all students in Grades 9 and 10, unless medically excused, and is an elective (optional) course in Grades 11 and 12. A student requiring an exemption from PE is to present a letter from the family doctor to the Administration. Students are expected to wear a T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes for PE.

Student Timetable Changes

Changing a student timetable, once the school year has commenced, is not encouraged. However, individual circumstances may arise whereby altering a student program may be beneficial to potential academic success. Counsellors are available at school during late August for timetable changes. Requests for timetable changes after school opening will not be considered. Students wishing to change courses after the second week of September may do so only with permission of a parent in consultation with the Counsellor. Our school policy is that all students should complete all courses they enrolled in at the beginning of the year. Permission to drop a course after the third week in October will be considered in exceptional cases following a meeting with parents/guardians, the Counsellor, and the Administrator.


Students are grouped by grade into groups of students that meet at the beginning of the year and several times throughout the year to facilitate administrative duties, and to receive encouragement, support, and guidance.

Counselling & School Based Team

The Counsellors attend to course related and personal counselling of students at both the senior and junior levels. The Counsellors work with teachers, parents, and Administrators in monitoring student performance, progress, and attendance.

The School Based Team (comprised of Counsellors, Administration, District Resource Teacher, and Skills Teacher) meets monthly to identify and review students experiencing problems, develop strategies to assist students, and make referrals to appropriate school and district services.

Skills Centre

The Skills Development Teacher provides support services for students who are experiencing learning difficulties.

Library Resources Centre

Our Library is the intellectual centre of the school, reflecting the essential principles of student centred, co-operative, and individualized learning through its collection of materials, displays, and service to students. The Library reinforces University Hill's commitment to quality learning and student responsibility in the provision of facilities for independent study and group work, with access to reference books, periodicals, maps, pictures, microfiche, videos, computers, and CD-ROMS.

The Library provides:

* Orientation and instruction to all grade eights and other students new to the school
* Reference and informational services to support the curriculum
* Subject resource lists and new book displays to inform teachers and students of the changing collection
* Instructional units (co-operatively planned with teachers) to assist students in the efficient use of Library resources
* Reader advisory to provide students with recreational reading and encouragement in the selection of materials

The Library is open from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

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