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RESOURCE ROOM                                                                               

STRATEGIES MEDIA ARTS                                                  

STRATEGIES DRAMA                                                                           

STRATEGIES SKILLS FOR LIFE                                                             

STRATEGIES PE                                    

 Secondary Strategies is a program designed for students who have a significant neurologically based learning disability which affects the consistency of their academic work.  The program offers a supportive environment for students whose needs cannot be met in a regular program with necessary adaptations.

The students work on a block sched­ule and are integrated where possible and practical. Students are provided support, where necessary and where possible, from Peer Tutoring students, a Student Support Worker and/or the Strategies teacher. Stu­dents work with the Strategies teacher for modified and/or adapted core academic subjects – English and Math.   The Strategies students may also have a resource block to support their academic integrated subjects. Strategies elective courses are small group courses taught by elective area teachers.   The elective course offerings vary from year to year but can include Physical Education, Drama, Business Education, and Home Economics.


Career Education and work experi­ence play a crucial role in the Strate­gies student's curriculum. Beginning at age 15, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a successful work experi­ence are emphasized. This enables the students to make informed choices, upon graduation, as to college pro­grams they may want to apply for or employment areas they may want to pursue. 


NOTE:  All the Strategies courses are modi­fied and/or adapted according to the needs of the individual student. These courses lead to a School Leaving Certificate. The courses do not lead to a Dogwood Certificate. The integrated courses will be modified or adapted as appropriate. 


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