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Technical Studies


If you would like to learn how to design things, build things and have fun doing it this is the class for you. You will be allowed to explore your creative side. Your critical thinking skills may be put to the test in design challenges. Students will get hands-on experience in designing and building projects. The transferable skills are extremely valuable, whether you want to be a surgeon, dentist, engineer, or tradesperson. Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials (such as wood, metal, plastics, etc.), tools and equipment. This course may also explore drafting, electronics, and robotics. The skills developed will also help students in their future studies at University Hill, especially in areas such as engineering, drafting, and other explorations classes. Projects may include designing and building a robot (VEX or Lego), a design project using a CADD program, laser engraving, various wood and metal projects including a moving automaton, electronic circuits, egg car, roller coaster build, key fob, wooden whistle, etc.


Students will be introduced to drafting and the skills necessary to create blueprints, floor plans, technical drawings, perspective pieces, 3D Modeling and architecture. Students will begin by learning the use of manual drafting tools including compasses, slide rules, triangles and more to generate precise drafts. They will apply knowledge and problem-solving skills in order to complete a variety of assignments and self-driven projects.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop skills in the use of industry leading computer aided drafting and design programs such as Fusion 360. Topics covered may include architecture, interior design, furniture design, mechanical design etc.


This course is designed for students who have a flair for creativity and a drive to create and iterate. This course will explore engineering design basics, The use of various tools and equipment, incorporation of some drafting and CADD work and the use of Robotics. Their problem-solving skills will be developed through hands-on project design challenges. Projects may include a Rube Goldberg Device, a trebuchet, robotics challenges, 3D Structural CAD Design, Spring Powered cars and loop-based coding.

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