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Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts is a thriving program which offers a space whereby students can explore, discover, and grow. Theatre Arts has the power to assist students with self-confidence, imagination, empathy, collaboration, communication, trust, and social awareness by providing a space for creativity, innovation, expression, and acceptance.

Drama 8 is an introductory course aimed at exploring role, character development and drama as a means of expression through collaboration and ensemble work. Through theatre games, script building and script analysis, students will learn to take risks, build confidence, and improve problem solving skills. This course will be offered to all grade 8’s during the fine arts rotation.

DRAMA 9/10 (Acting)
Acting 9/10 focuses on the creative elements of drama intended to build trust, self-confidence, imagination, expressive powers, and concentration. From there it moves into basic skill building through ensemble and performance work. (E.g., vocal work, character building, improvisation, acting, play building, and script writing and analysis) This course aims also to encourage students in their exploration, understanding, and appreciation of theatre and to acquire strategies and techniques to support the creative process.

DRAMA 11/12 (Acting)
The Acting 11/12 course incorporates creative drama, reviewing fundamentals learned in previous grades and working to build trust, self-confidence, sensory awareness, and
concentration; however, the emphasis in the senior levels is on ensemble work building to performance, and developing skills in acting and production. Students assume responsibility in a variety of roles, including directing, researching, writing, and stage managing, in performance projects and lessons involving their peers working in Acting 11/12. Students will extend their knowledge of performance and production to different periods, styles, playwrights, and media, including theatre, film, and radio.

Theatre Company is open to students only who wish to create, rehearse, and refine dramatic works through collaboration, presentation, and production. As a member of Theatre Company, students are expected to take creative risks, develop imagination, and build confidence by engaging in script work in preparation for the One-Act Play Festival and the Spring Production. Rehearsal and preparation outside class time is required of each company member.

Film and Television 11-12 students extend their understanding of how film and video technologies are used to influence meaning and purpose in film and television works. By examining how film and television images both influence and are influenced by context, students enhance their visual literacy. As they develop this literacy, they gain the understanding needed to create meaningful images (including time, sound, movement, and light) and critique their own work and the work of others. Students gain understanding of how social, cultural, and historical contexts influence the nature and purpose of film and television works. They examine political influences on film and television messages, as well as the economic effects of film and television production in society. Students also assess the impact of film and television production and images on audiences and on society in general. Students learn about the nature of the film and television industry and the roles and responsibilities of people who work within it.

Stagecraft (production) students work as a technical team and are an integral part of the University Hill Secondary theatrical productions. They must be self-starters and committed team players. Students will be involved in learning about all technical aspects of designing, constructing, and running a show: lighting, sound, costumes, props, publicity, stage management, set design and construction. Students will be expected to commit to some after schoolwork each term to ensure that productions run smoothly and that deadlines are met. It is expected that grade twelve students will assume leadership and mentor younger technical theatre students.

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