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Physical Education

Lifelong participation in physical activity has many benefits and is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  In our grade 8-10 co-educational classes, our team of educators will support student competencies in physical literacy and healthy and active living by engaging students in both individual and team activities, leadership opportunities, workshops and indoor and outdoor recreational pursuits within our community.  Piqued interests and passions that have been developed within these domains are the focus of courses offered at the senior level.



  • Regular attendance
  • Participation and leadership
  • Gym strip and non-marking running shoes or appropriate footwear.



PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 8                                                           MPHE-08

PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 9                                                           MPHE-09

PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 10                                                         MPHED10


PHE 8, 9 and 10 have 4 similar competencies:

  • Physical Literacy
  • Healthy and Active Living
  • Social and Community Health
  • Mental Well Being


Students will be engaged in individual, dual and team activities to work on movement concepts and strategies.  Students will be responsible for setting personal goals, learning how to monitor and adjust physical exertion levels, and engage in fair play and leadership.   Many reflective opportunities will take place where students can identify what they know and understand, observe the preparation needed for performance, and reflect on how they apply movement skills and game strategies.  Students will also have opportunities to explore recreational pursuits in the community.  


Workshops and presentations in sexual education, identity and relationships, substance use, stress, bullying, stereotyping, nutrition, and abusive situations will be led by teachers, counsellors and community leaders.



ACTIVE LIVING 11                                                                                               MACLV11

ACTIVE LIVING 12                                                                                               MACLV12


The goal of this course is to enhance student’s quality of life through the following 3 big ideas: health and well-being, safety, and participation. Students will be exposed to a diverse program of physical activities with an emphasis on team sports, individual pursuits, games, skill acquisition and physical fitness. Students will also develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Students are encouraged to further their mastery of individual and team sport theory and skills.  Field trips are an integral component of this course.  There will be some fees throughout the semester that will be applied as the trips are approved.










WARRIOR FITNESS & CONDITIONING 11                                                       MFTCD11

WARRIOR FITNESS & CONDITIONING 12                                                       MFTCD12


The goal of this course is to enhance student’s quality of life through the following 4 big ideas: healthy and active living, human anatomy and physiology, principles of training and social responsibility. In Warrior, students will have the opportunity to create, implement and evaluate their own personal fitness plan.  Once the teacher has provided instruction in the fitness center on the FITT principle, components of fitness, overload principle, specificity, safety and proper technique of all equipment, motivational techniques and strategies, it will be time to move from guided practice to independent practice.  These classes will take place in the weight room, dance studio, gym and outside.   



BA YOGA FOR LIFE 12                                                                                        YLRA-2A

Open to all in Grade 11 & 12


This course is intended to introduce students to the practice and study of yoga as a form of exercise, stress management, as well as a tool for mindfulness and self-awareness.  Yoga class is a space in which students will learn to safely work on flexibility, spinal mobility, posture, sitting, increased strength and graceful movements.  Assessment will be based on physical practice and observations, research and communication and presentations.



BA LEADERSHIP 11                                                                                             YHRA-1A

BA LEADERSHIP 12                                                                                             YHRA-2A


PHE Leadership 11/12 is a course focused on providing students the opportunity to explore key leadership skills and concepts while providing unique experiences for the school and surrounding community. Students will develop communication, problem solving, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills and concepts while learning to effectively strategize, market, and operationalize event plans. Activities may include but are not limited to designing and planning intramurals and extracurricular activities for the school, refereeing and scorekeeping school sporting events, documenting, and marketing UHill Athletic teams, receiving leadership, first aid, outdoor education training. This is your opportunity to create a fun environment in the school and make real impact/change to your school year experience, come join us!






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