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Library / Learning Commons

Welcome to the Library Learning Commons!

Teacher Librarians: Ms. Love and Mr. Hodgson

Hours: 8:00-3:15



Computer Access 

During our hours, you can usually access a device if there is no class that has prearranged to use them.  Laptops are located on the cart close to the circulation desk.  Please return the laptop to the correct space on the cart and plug it in.  Do not leave the ULC with a laptop.  Speak with the teacher librarian if you require an iPad.



All of the desktop computers at the front of the ULC are connected to the printer.  The printer is located by the windows near the circulation desk.  You will begin the school year with an amount of “free” printing credit given to you by the school board.  See a teacher librarian if you run out of credit.  You will need to pay cash to add credit to your printing account.  If you need help with printing, closely follow the instructions posted in front of the desktop computers.  If there is a problem with the printer, report it to the on-duty library monitors or service students.


Book Loans

 The ULC maintains a vibrant collection of current and classic books.  We are always purchasing new materials and welcome student recommendations.  The 4 most popular book types in the collection are: Graphic/Manga, Fiction, Popular Non-Fiction, and Non-Fiction.   You can borrow books for 1 month.  You should renew each title if you need it longer than one month.  You can renew in person or online.


Book Returns

 To return a book you must place it in one of the 3 return bins.  Books not properly returned are often lost and the replacement cost is billed to the student.



 You are welcome to work in the ULC during lunchtime but please do not bring food.  The ULC is a great place to study, research, read, or complete group work.  



 The school board pays yearly subscription fees for you to have access to a number of online databases.  Databases are like Wikipedia but BETTER!  You can access these sites by logging into our school site at

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