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GRADE 8 - 12 XLDCD08/XLDCD09/ YLE- -0A/ YLE- -1A/ YLE- -2A
The Skills Development Centre provides the opportunity to develop a variety of basic skills, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics. Study skills and organizational skills are included as an integral part of the program. These skills will be developed through instruction in each student’s academic content areas. Students will be encouraged to identify their own learning needs to strengthen and develop independence as successful learners. Referrals to the SDC are made through the Counsellor. Skills is a credit course for Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12.
Specific Skills Taught
- Goal setting - Time management - Memory strategies
- Test-taking strategies - Note-taking - Reading for understanding
- Vocabulary development - Spelling - Writing process
- Mathematical skills - Organization skills
Student Expectations
- Regular attendance, on time, with required course materials
- Use of student agenda and course activity logs to organize and keep track of schoolwork
- Responsible behaviour and productive work habits
Based on: Expectations, Assignments and Application of Skills Learned

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