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Bell Schedule

2022/2023 Bell Schedules

2022-2023 Bell Schedule

School Bells

Our school has reduced the number of bells that are sounded throughout the halls. While the school timetable and schedule of classes will remain exactly the same we only have a bell at 8:35 to signal class will begin in 5 minutes, and another warning bell at 12:15 to signal the end of lunch.  We intend that this reduction of bells in the school day will help our students self-regulate and take a personal responsibility for their own timely arrival at school and in classes. We also hope that our overall school experience will be calmer, less frantic and stressful, as we go about our busy days of learning. Additionally, we intend to better prepare our students for the world outside of the school, be it at work or in a post-secondary institution, where there are no bells to guide the timeline of the day. 

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