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Physical Education

Lord Byng PE Department and Athletics 

Physical Health Education Department 

Department Head:  

Kim Chong-Ping   

Athletic Director:

Kevin Sandher    

Department Members:  

Nick Boulding     

Will Bowen          

Celina Guadagni  

Byron Jack          

Malori Pendree 

Kristy Watson    


The main goal of the Physical Health Education Department is to develop a life-long appreciation of the value of physical fitness, mental wellness, and a healthy lifestyle.  While we focus on skill development and fitness, we place a high emphasis on active participation, as we strive to promote an appreciation for a healthy long life of physical activity.  

Proper athletic wear and footwear must be worn at all times in PHE classes.  Lord Byng PE strip may be purchased from any PE teacher and paid online on


Courses Offered: 

PHE 8- PHE10:  These courses focus on daily participation in different types of physical activity.  Students will understand their strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences to help achieve their health-related goals.  

Dance PHE 9-12:  This course has a dance emphasis, and covers different dance units such as hip hop, k-pop, salsa, swing, musical theatre, Bollywood, etc.   It also covers the curriculum of PHE 9-10 courses.  

Fitness PHE 10: This is an introductory course to weight training principles and focuses on the five components of health-related physical fitness.  It also covers the curriculum of PHE 10.  

Fitness 11/12:  An advanced course in weight training principles and more in-depth focus into the five components of health-related physical fitness.   Students create their own personal fitness goals and plans. 

PHE 11/12:  Senior level PHE course with a focus on life-long activities.   This class also goes on field trips in the community.  Some of these field trips include golfing, disc golf, water sports, laser tag. 

Leadership 9-12:

An off-timetable course that is available to students in grades 9, 10, 11, 12, with a focus on athletic, school, and community service. 


Lunch Hour Open Gym Schedule

On Mondays and Fridays at lunch, in the big gym, students can play various sports.   Proper athletic wear and footwear is required.  Please bring your own equipment.  Do not bring your bag to the gym.  



The Physical Health Education Department and Lord Byng Athletics work together to create a successful program which involves providing opportunities for as many student athletes as possible.  Lord Byng Athletics represents the school’s competitive sport program in the Vancouver Secondary School Athletic Association (VSSAA).  For more information about the VSSAA please visit:

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