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Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Lord Byng Secondary School’s Resource team. We are a team of SSA’s (support staff) and a Resource Teacher who work collaboratively with our Counselling Team, our Skills Class teachers, and all teaching and administrative staff to find ways to best support our learners.

As our school-based Resource Teacher I meet with parents and students to write and update IEPs (Individual Education Plans) for students who attend mainstream classes and have ministry-assigned designations. 

The IEP serves as communication about how best to support our students with designations at school. Teachers can refer to the IEP for classroom accommodations, and students can use their IEP to help communicate their needs. 

For grade 8 students: IEP meetings take place with parents from September to November.

For grade 9-12 students: IEP updates take place throughout the year. IEP’s can be updated over email, or students can drop in to see the resource teacher. Students and parents may reach out any time to book an appointment with the resource teacher as well. 

For questions about IEPs or to book an IEP meeting please email me at 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kimberly Currie

School Based Resource Teacher

Lord Byng Secondary School 

Room 213

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