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Community Services 11

Community Service 11 Student Duties

(for CS 11 Students assigned to Counsellors)

Report in & out to your Counsellor for attendance (if you are absent please bring a note next day)

Ask all counsellors if they have anything that needs to be done.

Empty recycling bins from Counselling Suite and Counsellors’ offices.

Counselling Suite:

  •  straighten out chairs
  • throw away garbage
  • take forgotten items to lost & found (coffee mugs, water bottles)
  • organize/sharpen coloured pencils and books on the table
  • occasionally, wipe the table down 

Bulletin Board:

  • Update and/or suggest what students may like to see on the bulletin boards
  • Recycle outdated posters

Book Shelf:

  • Tidy
  • Organize university catalogues

Study Time: When all duties are done, please find a quiet activity (studying)

Confidentiality: You are in a privileged position and may be exposed to confidential information and vulnerable students. Your discretion is required at all times. You may not discuss with peers or anyone other than a counsellor anything you hear or witness.

*Please note there are certain times of the year in which you will be very busy for the full block (course planning, timetable building, etc.)

It is a good idea to let your Counsellor know what you have done or are working on as this person enters your grade.

Thank you!


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