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Peer Counselling 12

Peer Counselling Application  Updated March 15, 2024

Course: Peer Counselling 12 (YIPS-2C)

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Students who have strong interpersonal and communication skills, have commitment to attend all the various activities attached to PC 12, have ability to catch up with classes missed due to participation in all PC activities.  Application and interview are required. 

Supplemental Supplies: Dates TBA for PC camp, gr. 8 camp, PC training days and lunch meetings.  There is an additional fee for this course. 

Students will be placed in a grade 8 classroom for one period for the full academic year.  Students will be offering friendship, support, role modelling, and problem solving strategies to grade 8 students as well as making referrals to grade counsellor when appropriate.  Students will receive training in PC skills during their 4 day PC camp and five additional PC training days.  Students may apply in their Grade 11 year.  All students who apply will undergo an interview process.  Selection of PCs will be made by 2 or 3 adults who will strive to include a cross section of the Lord Byng student population.    

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