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Career Exploration / Work Experience

Career Exploration Programs integrate classroom learning with practical experience in the workplace.

Lord Byng offers a variety of Career Exploration programs to students in Grade 11 and 12. These programs are listed in the Career Exploration  Handbook available in Room A302. Students are enrolled in Career Exploration programs on a voluntary basis. Each two-year program in Career Exploration is designed to provide options that enable students to develop an understanding of career possibilities, career expectations and job related skills. This will allow students to proceed to a post secondary institution to pursue further academic studies or to enter the work force after graduation.

As part of the requirement for Career Exploration, students must take a minimum of five courses in Grade 11 and 12 related to their specialty area. Each program must include at least two and not more than three grade eleven courses. The sixth course students must take is Work Experience 12A. This course provides job-related skills plus students must complete a minimum of 100 hours of on-the-job work experience.
Participation in practical work experience within the community is a requirement of the program. Successful completion of a Career Exploration Program will qualify the student for a Career Exploration Certificate, as well as credit toward the normal Secondary School Graduation Diploma. Each student completing Career Exploration may also qualify for placement at a post-secondary institution and may receive advanced placement based on performance.
Advantages for students are as follows: 

  • Grade 11 & 12 students can combine career studies with regular graduation requirements.
  • Students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the working world including aspects of the workplace and the relationship involving management, employees and work organizations.      
  • Students may qualify for placement at a post-secondary institution and may receive advanced placement based on performance.
  • Students will acquire specific entry-level skills for employment, and will become aware of the job requirements in chosen career field. Contact with potential employers may lead to direct employment.
  • Students will meet the Grad Transitions career and community credit. 

Visit the VSB Career Programs Website for more information. 

Or contact Ms. R. Sahdra 

  • in Room A302 / A110
  • by telephone 604-713-8247, or 
  • by email 
  • Interested students should see Ms. Sahdra for an application. 

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