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Core Competencies

Lord Byng Core Competencies Student Self-Assessment 

Students must download this file Core Competencies 2021. Note: you should right click and Save As. If you just click on the file it will open in a browser and  will NOT save anything you type.  Open in Adobe Acrobat (PC) or Preview (on Mac), then fill it out completely and save it.

Once the form is fully completed, follow the instructions on the first page of the document to upload it to their MyEd Locker. Show it to your teacher.  If you need help go visit Ms. L. Anderson  (room A115),  or Mr. McKeen (room  A207),  They can help you complete and upload your assessment. 

This is a mandatory self-assessment and needs to be completed ASAP. Lists of student names who haven't completed this yet have been given to teachers to help remind students. If you have any questions or need help you can visit Ms. L. Anderson (room A115),  or Mr. McKeen (room A207),

If you cannot manage the fillable pdf, you can print it out, then take pictures of each page and upload the three completed pages to your MyEd locker as well.

Here is a description of the Core Competencies to help you fill out your form. As an additional source of information. 


Here is a powerpoint presentation explaining the Core Competencies being assessed:

Core Competency Lesson 1

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