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Semester Turnaround

Tuesday Jan 30, Wednesday Jan 31: In-school workshops

Thursday Feb 1, Friday Feb 2: Incomplete/catch-up days

As part of the semester transition, Magee hosts over 130 workshops, classes, field trips and assemblies as part of our 'Semester Turnaround Experience'. These sessions include topics such as mental health, social media safety, substance abuse, nutrition, gender and sexuality, healthy relationships, cyberbullying, environmental stewardship, social justice, mindfulness, and crisis intervention. Students have the opportunity to take art, music, dance, and athletic classes as well as several education fields trips.

The workshops serve provide further opportunity to engage with the BC Curriculum’s core competencies of intellectual development, communication, and individual and social identity. We will also work towards meeting our school goals of providing each student opportunities to experience growth and success, fostering global citizenship and environmental stewardship, and increasing knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures, and contributions.


  • The workshop handbook will be available online and in hard copy from January 16th.
  • All students must attend a minimum of 6 workshops during the 2 days (3 for Sparts). You will receive attendance cards, that will be signed by the supervising teacher.
  • Teachers may run regular classes or tutorials. These classes take priority. Each class you attend, counts as 1 workshop (teacher must sign attendance card)
  • If you are not in a session, you are expected to study, read, or work independently. You must remain at Magee during school hours.
  • Check the “All Students” Team for more information and to ask questions

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