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FIT Schedule


Flexible Instructional Time (FIT) is a period of instructional time built into the weekly schedule that gives our students more agency in their learning, goal setting, and time management, empowering student to develop their thinking, communication, personal, and social core competencies. Ultimately, the purpose of Flexible Instructional Time (FIT) is to support the learning and well-being of students by enabling them to have a choice in how, when, and where their learning takes place.


Our regular weekly schedule at Tupper Secondary School is as follows:


FIT Expectations: Questions & Answers

1. Will my teachers be available during FIT?

Yes. Since FIT is instructional time, teachers are available to support you in your learning by offering extra help, engaging with you in an educational program, or by providing a place to study and collaborate.

2. Can a teacher assign me to a specific class/task during FIT?

Yes. Since FIT is instructional time, a teacher may specify that you spend your FIT with them, especially if you are behind in your learning in that subject. If more than one teacher requires you to spend FIT with them, it is your responsibility to arrange a schedule and communicate with your teachers. Teachers can also, on occasion, have an entire class come in for flex to complete a lab, assignment, tutorial, exam, etc.

3. Can I go to the classes of teachers who I do not currently have?

Maybe. It is expected that you will be seeking help from your current teachers. Teachers may wish to offer assistance to students that are not currently enrolled in their classes.

4. What if a class I want to go to is full?

Classroom spaces may be capped at 30 students (or less depending on the learning space). If your FIT choice is full, make sure you have a second choice ready.

5. Can I work in the Cafeteria, Library, Foyer, classrooms during FIT?

Yes. If you choose to select one of these locations for FIT, please ensure that you are focused on learning and mindful of others around you. Remember that FIT is instructional time. Thank you in advance for keeping these spaces focused on learning and wellness.

6. What if there is an assembly or core competency activity scheduled during FIT?

If there is an assembly or core competency activity scheduled during FIT, you are expected to attend and participate in the assembly or core competency activity.

7. What if there is a fire alarm or the need for evacuation?

All students and staff respond as they would during regular class time: evacuate the building via the designated exit, and then marshal on the field according to the last name of your teacher for attendance.

• Morning FIT: marshal with your Period 1 teacher after evacuation.

• Afternoon FIT: marshal with your Period 3 teacher after evacuation.

• Before school: marshal with your Period 1 teacher after evacuation.

Break, lunch, or afterschool: marshal with the teacher from your previous period after evacuation.

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