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English Language Learners

Two District ELL Programs

Tupper is home to two District ELL Programs. For further information on applying to these programs, school counsellors can contact Ann Hunter at the Newcomer Welcome Centre.

 The Literacy program is to support students who have had interrupted or minimal education. The sheltered program aims to help students gain the reading, writing and numeracy skills they need to prepare for entry into their catchment schools, with the expectation that they will still need additional ELL services. Canadian cultural orientation activities are an integral part of this program. 

 The Applied Literacy program supports students who have been in a VBE school for at least 1-2 years and continue to struggle with English acquisition, are well below grade level in Math, and have experienced little success in school. Students in this program are integrated into PE and one elective. Students will have opportunities to participate in contact assignments and community experiences in support of a thematic academic approach.


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