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Are you curious about SACY resources for families at your secondary school?

For Parents & Caregivers: Counselors and administrators recommend the SACY workshop “Building Bridges with your Teen” for parents of teens and pre-teens. Please join us to explore the science behind the changes we see in our teens, and practical approaches to reducing tension, increasing communication and keeping the relationship strong in the teen years.

District SACY Parent & Family Engagement staff offer workshops and resources to parents. Visit our website for workshop topics, locations and information. Check out our resources for parents on everything from understanding teen behavior and development, teens and social media, teens and parties, to information on parenting courses, websites and supports in the community.
The teen years are a new adventure and a transition for the entire family—let’s learn together.


For students: Your child’s secondary school has a SACY Youth Engagement and Prevention staff member—someone in the school who specializes in alcohol and other drug use education, prevention and health promotion. Along with teachers, counselors, and others, we work to keep students connected, active and engaged in school and community. We offer classroom education, one-on-one support, workshops and small groups on topics ranging from substance use education to healthy decision-making in all areas of life.

We also offer the SACY Teen Engagement Program (STEP): a three-day, intensive program offered to youth who can benefit from prevention education and personal reflection. The program focuses on issues surrounding alcohol or other drugs, as well as risk mitigation, decision making, healthy relationships and critical thinking. STEP focuses on youth’s strengths, and encourages students to re-engage with their goals and passions. Many students choose to come to STEP to develop strategies for positive growth. The STEP program also provides an educational, proactive alternative to traditional approaches to suspension.

Visit our website for information on SACY and SACY STEP


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