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Course Planning


Course Planning is the process where students choose courses for the upcoming school year. Students must take the REQUIRED courses to graduate while choosing ELECTIVE courses that expand their interests. Students in Grades 11 and 12 may also think about electives that meet post-secondary entrance requirements or career pathways.

The courses students choose during course planning determines the staffing and timetable for the following school year. Choosing elective courses is REALLY IMPORTANT and should be done with consideration and parent/caregiver input. 

Each Counsellor will be hosting an online interactive course selection presentation, for families to learn more about choosing courses on February 1, 2023.

• 3:00-4:00pm Grade 8’s Into 9 With Ms. Higenbottam
Grade 8 to 9 Course Planning Powerpoint - 2024
Course Selection Form
Grade Course Planning Schedule:







January 26 FIT

All Grade 8’s

Course Planning 


FIT time 8:40-9:20

Tupper Auditorium


February 1


Any interested

Grade 8’s and caregivers


Course Planning

Info Session


3-4 pm



Link Posted in Grade 8 teams channel


February 5

Grade 8’s 

Last name A-G

Course Planning Info Session and Support

FIT 8:40-9:20


February 9

Grade 8’s

Last name H-Q

Course Planning Info Session and Support

FIT 8:40-9:20




February 12

Grade 8’s 

Lastname R-Z

Course Planning Info Session and Support

FIT 8:40-9:20




• 3:00-3:45pm Grade 9’s into Grade 10 with Ms. Cancar 
Grade 9 to 10 Course Planning Powerpoint -2024 Ms. Cancar 2.pdfClick here for the TEAMS Meeting with Ms. Cancar

• 3:00-4:00pm Grade 10’s Into 11 With Ms. Ellis
Grade 10 to 11 Course Planning - Ellis 2024.pptx
Course Planning Meeting with Ms. Ellis - Grade 10 to 11 on February 1 at 3:00pm link
Course Selection Form

• 3:00-4:00pm Grade 11’s Into 12 With Mr. Lee
Grade 11 To 12 Course Selection Form
Grade 11 to 12 Course Planning 2024-PowerpointClick here for the TEAMS Meeting with Mr. Lee

 Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement 

Please watch: 

Effective the 2023/24 school year, all students working toward a B.C. Certificate of Graduation (“Dogwood Diploma”), in English or French, must successfully complete at least 4 credits in Indigenous-focused coursework. This requirement applies to students in B.C. public, independent, First Nations, and offshore schools. There is no change to the total number of credits required to graduate, which remains at 80.

Students who have not otherwise satisfied graduation requirements before the start of the 2023/24 school year must meet this requirement.

This requirement does not apply to students in the Adult Graduation Diploma Program.

Students can meet this graduation requirement through a variety of course options, including provincial Indigenous-focused courses; provincially-authorized First Nations language courses; and Indigenous-focused, locally developed (Board/Authority Authorized or First Nation Authorized) courses. Some of these courses also satisfy Language Arts or Social Studies graduation requirements. See the Recognized Course List drop-down below for a complete list of courses that meet the Indigenous-focused graduation requirement.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Tupper will be offering the following courses to allow students to meet the Indigenous-focused graduation requirements:

  • English First Peoples 10 (English 10 credit- compulsory for all grade 10 students)
  • English First Peoples 12 (English 12 credit- choose between EFP12 and English Studies 12)
  • BC First Peoples 12 (Social Studies 12 Elective credit- choose this if taking English Studies 12 or as an additional Indigenous focused elective)

For more information on the Indigenous focused graduation requirements please see:


Course Planning Resources:

COURSE PLANNING BOOK 2024-2025 Final V3.pdfTupper Tech Program TT ppt 3 min no voice over.pptx
 Dogwood Diploma Credits Verification Form
BC Grad requirements
Tupper Counselling Website, direct links to BC PSIs admissions pages
Education Planner BC
VSB Career Programs
Summer School Website (Opens late April each year)
Math Flow Chart (for post secondary institution admission)
BCeID Instructions
Click here for information about Verifying Course Requests from Student Family Portal

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