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Modern Languages

Ms. S. Batko             - French
Ms. A. Dong              - French
Ms. L. Bensted         - Spanish
Mr. G. Demers         - Japanese 

Tupper offers various different language courses for students from grade 9 to 12. Students may choose to take French, Spanish, or Japanese courses.
Students will not only learn the language but will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures. Students will learn the oral language in the first year and will further proceed to learn grammar and writing skills. Second language classes usually have projects that will further develop the student’s language skill including participating in plays and analyzing movies/short stories in the second language.
Second languages usually require pre-requisites as the concepts learned in previous years will be used in the senior second language levels. However, students may choose to take beginners classes which do not require students to have pre-requisites. Please ask your counselor for additional information.

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