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Learning Support Program (LSP)

Learning Support Program (LSP) provides a two-year secondary program offering an adapted/modified core curriculum, remediation, and coping strategies for Grade 8 and 9 students identified with learning disabilities (Q) and do not have significant behavioral difficulties.  At the end of the program, students are expected to attend mainstream courses at their home school or attend a senior level program outside of Tupper. 

The goal of the program is to teach core academics and assist students to develop learning strategies to cope with areas of weakness while encouraging social awareness and self-esteem.  They will have the opportunity to develop intellectual, personal, and social-emotional proficiencies that they need to grow as educated citizens and engage in deep lifelong learning.  The students are integrated into electives and into academic subjects whenever possible and appropriate.

Program Overview and Structure 

  • 15 students to 1 teacher 
  • Grade 8 and 9 split class 
  • Alternating grade 8 and 9 curriculum 
  • Adapts curriculum to meet the learning needs of students 
  • Focuses on the development of student’s skills in reading, writing and mathematics 
  • Collaborates with parents/teachers for individual education plans (IEP) and progress 

Students remain together as part of their cohort for the following courses: 

  • English 8/9 
  • Social Studies 8/9 
  • Science 8/9 
  • Mathematics 8/9 
  • Skills 8/9 

They are integrated into mainstream for the following: 

  • Physical Education (PE) 
  • Two electives 

All referrals must go through Learning Services.  See District Program guide for more information. 

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