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Students are expected to be in all scheduled classes, on time, all day, everyday.  Attendance is recorded every period. 

Students will be marked late if they are not in-class by the final bell.


 On your return please bring a parent/guardian note bring to the office and have it stamped with the ABSENCE NOTE STAMP at reception, and bring it to your teachers to sign before returning the note to the office

Alternatively, parents can email the office at with their student name, grade, DOB and reason for absence.  Email addresses are verified with the parent/guardian profile to ensure they validity.  

Whenever possible students who will be absent at parental request (appointments, emergencies, special events, etc.) should provide a signed note in advance to their teachers.  If an early dismissal is required students need to present their note to the office before leaving the school.  Students absent because of field trips, work experience, athletic events, etc., must inform teachers in advance of the intended absence.  

Students are responsible for all work missed during excused absences.  Students are encouraged to show initiative in finding out what work was missed and how it might be made up.  Teachers will provide reasonable assistance to students absent for acceptable reasons. 

Teachers are not obligated to provide extra work or repeat instruction for any student who misses school due to an extended absence and/or vacation during the school year.  

 When assessments are missed, due to an excused absence, students need to make arrangements with their teacher to write the assessments or take alternative measures. 

 The following represents the continuum of procedures and consequences for unexcused absences. 

Unexcused Absence

Intervention Level

School Outcomes

1 – 5 Missed Classes in a Subject

Teacher/Parent/ Student

Phone call home.

Further Absences

Teacher/Parent/ Student/ Counsellor

Phone call home and meeting with counsellor.

Continued Absences

Teacher/Parent/ Student/ Counsellor/ Administration

Phone call home, meeting with counsellor, meeting with parents, and/or interview with administrator.

Chronic Absenteeism

Teacher/Parent/ Student/ Counsellor/ Administration

Meeting with counsellor, second parent meeting, and/or interview with administrator.


Students who are taking an extended vacation or who will be absent for an extended period of time must complete the Notice of Extended Absences and/or Vacations During the School Year form, obtain teacher signatures, and submit the completed form to their respective counsellor.   

Although teachers may choose to do so, they are not expected to provide work or give extra time for assignments due to vacation absences.  These absences can seriously impact a student’s success as well as the teacher’s ability to access their achievement.  Whenever possible, vacation time should be taken when school is not in session.  

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