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English Language Learner

Tupper's ELL Program

Ms. T. Baron | Department Head   

Tupper's ELL Program

English Language Learners at Tupper receive support based on their language skills, as measured with the BC Provincial Standards for ELL. <insert 2019 Standards file>

 Student writing, reading, and oral language skills are assessed and described using the Provincial scale: 


Then students are placed in ELL classes to provide additional language learning support when needed:

Beginning ELL: Students at the Beginning and Developing level tend to read at or below the Grade 2 reading level. They receive 5 classes of ELL support with a language learning specialist: English, Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

Intermediate ELL:  Students at the Expanding Level read below a Grade 3.5 reading level. They receive 3 classes of language learning support: English, Academic Writing, and Social Studies.

Transitional ELL: Students at the Consolidating level can take three courses with targeted English language learning specialist support. These 3 courses count for graduation credit as English 10, Socials 10, and a Grade 10 Academic Writing elective.

Advanced Language Development: Students who have successfully completed Transitional ELL may still need more advanced academic writing support. They are placed in one block of writing support, which provides Grade 11 credit towards graduation.

 Two District ELL Programs

In addition to our regular ELL Program, we host two district programs to support resident English Language Learners with specific needs: the Literacy Program and the Applied Literacy Program. Please contact the VSB Newcomer Welcome Centre <> for information about program intake.

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